God Of Death Yamaraj To Discipline People Walking On Railway Tracks

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Western Railways has come with a new idea to create awareness amongst the passengers who attempt trespassing on railway tracks. This unique idea includes the god of death Yamraj who is seen carrying people on his shoulder whoever tries to cross unmanned tracks.

Yamraj to the rescue

Despite providing a railway bridge to reach from one platform to the other, people in Mumbai are always in a hurry to reach their destination and try to leap across the tracks.

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As per the data collected from June, more than 700 people have died due to trespassing over the railway tracks. The total death caused due to trespassing accounted for 19,781 deaths across the suburban system. However, the rate of death is steadily declining over the years.

A member of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) costumed as ‘YamRaj’ carries people who try to cross unmanned tracks. He also provides safety awareness information to the people.

Yama tries to stop people from walking near the tracks. “If you cross the track in an unauthorized way, Yamraj will be standing in front of you,” the Ministry of Railways warned.

source: ani

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