This Dry fruit Store called Going Nuts delivers Gulkhand Honey & Goan Cashew nuts in Bangalore

Goan Cashew nuts in Bangalore

Dry fruits have always been our first love but when it gets fused in the mixed variety of luscious flavors then nothing like it. The feel of having those crunchy cashews, toothsome walnuts, sweetened dates or just a handful of Almonds – your day is made. Dry fruits and nuts are such an ideal food that you can consume them anytime, irrespective of your food habits.

In this rank, we all have our own favorites like the typical skinned Goan Cashew nuts, fried peanuts, or Hazelnuts which we can eat on loop. If you want to order some crispy and crusty nuts for yourself or for your loved ones then we’ve got your back. This dry fruit store called ‘Going Nuts’ delivers all kinds of dry fruits, nuts along with Trail Mixes and Goan Cashew nuts in Bangalore.

Goan Cashew nuts in Bangalore

Goan Cashew nuts in Bangalore

If you want to savor the taste of authentic Goan cashew nuts with skin in Bengaluru then GoingNuts is probably the easiest way possible. GoingNuts is an online store which does home delivery and promises – Goodness, Freshness, and Affordability. They have 200+ varieties of dry fruits, nuts, seeds, spices, widest raw unfiltered honey, berries, Dried leaves and more.

Goan Cashew nuts

Timeless TRAIL MIX for your Hunger Pangs

Have you heard about this healthier snack option called Trail Mix? Typically known as GROP (Good Old Raisins and Peanuts), a perfect mix of dried berries, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Danish call it as Studentharve, Kiwis as Schmogle, and Germans refer to it as studentfutter which is basically a tasty snack packed with nutrition and high energy. There is a variety of trail mixes available in the store of Going nuts with each mixture having a story to tell and a science to explain.

Goan Cashew nuts in Bangalore

Trail mixes are the ready-to-eat item and need no cooking. What else could be better than this? Taste Bhi health Bhi! When your hunger pangs hit you at work or in the car or at the home, you can easily rely upon this quick source of energy called Trial Mixes by Going Nuts.

Going Nuts Special Trail Mix

This is made for hikes as it is lightweight, easy to store and highly nutritious to provide you that energy boost. It is a flavorsome combination of almond, walnut, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, and black raisin which is high in carbohydrate content.

Dry fruits

They are also specialized in Cool Summer Trail Mix which is a combination of Walnuts, Black Rasin, Chiroli Seeds, choco chips, and sunflower seeds, which helps to keep the body cool in summers. You can also try their delicious peanut munch trail mix which is a perfect blend of peanuts, cranberry, cashew, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and Sultana Raisin, made for office mid-day snack.

Price: Rs.50 to 1500.

Note: Free Home Delivery across Bengaluru for orders above Rs.750, 3 days return policy in case of any issues with products, beyond all that you can buy dry fruits at the best price in town. What more can you ask for.

Also, try – Almonds, Hazelnuts, Pine nuts, Dates, Berries, Gulkand (Rose and Honey), and Assorted Nuts.

Order Online at or contact Mr.Shaju on +91 9620928000

Be it Goan Cashew nuts in Bangalore or a mix of dry fruits and seeds, GoingNuts has everything in their store. Do check’em out and have a great time with raw nuts, roasted nuts and mixes.




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