“Give us POK and we will give you tomatoes” :MP Farmers To Imran Khan

As the Tomatoes price hits high in Pakistan, Madhya Pradesh farmers have proposed Pak Prime Minister Imran Khan to further bring down the prices by suggesting him to surrender PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) to the Indian government in exchange.

POK for Tomatoes 

150 farmers of Petlavad in the Jhabua district in Madhya Pradesh, wrote a letter to Pakistan PM Imran Khan over a unique exchange offer. They have offered a trade deal to the former cricketer for handing over POK to India against tomatoes of Jhabua.


And that’s not it, the farmers also demanded an apology from Pakistan for the 2008 Mumbai terror attack.

Source: theindianexpress

After the vegetable export ban, the tomato prices have risen in Pakistan and the tomato is trading over Rs 400 per kg in the neighboring country.

Notably, Tomatoes from the Petalawad region of Jhabua are popular in Pakistan due to the quality. The region used to transport tomatoes to Pakistan in large numbers from Delhi via Wagah border, making it affordable to the customers to the neighboring.


source: 3ppartners

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Farmers demand apology 

As soon as farmers learned about Pakistan buying tomatoes at Rs 300 -400 a kg, the tomato producers decided to give an option to Pak PM for the crisis and demanded an apology, after which they would reconsider over offering tomatoes to them through Wagah border.

President of Bharatiya Kisan Union Jhabua Mahendra Hapad said that they have inked the letter addressed to Pakistan and have attempted an unconditional apology from Imran Khan besides asking him to hand over Hafiz Saeed and Dawood Ibrahim and peacefully returning PoK. Only then, the farmers of Jhabua would consider exporting tomatoes to Pakistan.