Give Separate Nation To 25 Crore Indian Muslims: Congress Spokesperson

source: rediff

A live debate on Zee News recorded a Congress spokesperson asking for a sperate country for Muslims in India. In the video, the politician is heard challenging the Bhartiya Janata Party government to give a ‘separate nation’ to the 25 crore Indian Muslims.

A separate nation for Indian Muslims? 

The politician is identified as Congress spokesperson, Ajay Verma, he challenges the BJP government to give a ‘separate nation’ to the 25 crore Indian Muslims and then declare India a ‘Hindu Rashtra’.


source: zeenews

“I dare the Indian government to show guts and give a separate country, like Pakistan, to Indian Muslims. Then you can declare India as a Hindu Rashtra (nation),” he said during a live debate.

The incident followed during ZEE news’ popular political debate show ‘Taal Thok Ke’ on which members were discussing the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act.

The Congress spokesperson’s remarks brought intense reactions from the anchor and from the BJP spokesperson, Sudhanshu Trivedi, who criticized him for his provocative and divisive comments.


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