15 Bang-On Things Only Girls living in a PG Can Understand And Relate To

Girls Living in PG

Girls PG can be an everyday concept where working women and female students stay together bound by several rules but it is one of the most mysterious and mischievous places to stay at that creates a lifetime of memories.

From Crazy gossips, notorious fights to juicy flings here are 15 things every girl who has lived in PG will relate with:

1. No boys allowed:

It seems PG’s around the world have taken an oath to maintain the sanity of girls living in there and thus, this is the number 1 rule of any ‘all girls PG’. Brothers, uncles, boyfriends no matter what their relationship is with you, they can’t cross the ‘Laxman Rekha’ (borderline). Every girl who lives in PG hates it and can relate to it.

2. Four legs down and the door opened:

My landlady was generous enough to allow boys once in a while but she had a rule ‘Four legs down and the door opened’ which meant we can’t keep our legs on the bed or lied down. She used to think nothing can happen while we are sitting and the door is opened but she is unaware that we learned how to kiss perfectly because of her rule.

3. Strict room-mate:

We all have had at least one nerd, a rule-abiding roommate who never forgot to remind us of the stupid rule list and she was favorites of the landlady and had some special privilege for spying on others.

Girls living in PG

4. Introducing your Boyfriend as Brother:

At least once every girl living in the PG must have introduced her boyfriend as a brother to her roommates and PG owners.

Girls living in PG

5. Curfew times:

No matter what trick you apply, how hard you try to dodge but you can’t escape the curfew time. When the party used to start, it was already the time to rush back which was brutal.

6. Bribing the watchman:

50 rupees for one person and 100 or two to let you and your friend in if you are late. These were universal rates of watchman and at least once every girl living in has bribed the watchman.

Girls living in PG

7. Stolen undergarments:

This is the worst thing to happen if you wear branded lingerie. First, it is stolen then claimed that it was never yours and then an ugly argument.

8. Tasteless food:

Food served in PG was as tasteless as rotten fish and it was often thrown away ensuring no one knows and 60 percent of the pocket money was spent on the fast food.

9. Too many clothes to choose from:

If any girl was set to go on a date then she had wardrobes to choose from. Every girl wanted to share her best with her roommate; jewelry, clothes, makeup foot-ware you just name it and you had it.

10. Late night horror story sessions:

Despite the fear, girls listen to horror stories, watch horror movies and then create chaos late night that wakes up even the neighbors.

Girls living in PG

11. Everyone knows everything:

Lights off under the blanket with the torch on, girls discuss every inch of the detail of the first date to where you kissed and how it ended and how you felt.

12. Bathroom queues:

Long queues in bathrooms were annoying and there was always an argument that who will go first.

13. Endless arguments with landlady:

Raised electricity bills, late-night gossips, throwing food all this created a long and endless argument with the landlady and you always lost the argument as she threatened to call your parents.

14. Stalking boys on Facebook:

This apparently was a group session of stalking the boys on Facebook and planning the dream date with your favourite one and on seeing him suddenly face to face, you run away to tell it to other girls.

15. Biggest adventure in PG:

Sneaking out after curfew: Jumping from the window at late night or escaping from the main door with your shoes in hand was the biggest adventure. And your partner in crime made you swear to come back in an hour else she will be in trouble; every girl has done this in her PG for once at least.

So, how was it? Did you relate? Do you have anything memorable to share? Please let us know in the comments below.