Gifting tips to take the pain out of Christmas

gifting tips

As the festive season draws near with all the gifts and parties that go with, it is a good time to take stock of gifting, to see what works and what doesn’t – particularly from a presentation perspective. Wrapping gifts aren’t everyone’s idea of fun, but most people would agree that opening presents is awesome. So how can present wrapping be made as painless as possible without impacting on the joy of the receiver? We’ve compiled a little list that should go a long way towards taking the frustration out of gifting and make you look like a gifting genius. Check out these gifting tips to take the pain out of Christmas.

Make it easy

The best tip for wrapping is to use tools that make the process easy. Clear plastic gift boxes are all the rage this year as wrapping aides. Given that they are easy to find (either online or at your local retailer) and easy to wrap, they allow you to take gifts of all shapes and sizes and make them manageable. They also don’t detract from the joy of the opening process – in other words, they are not gifted boxes where you just take off the lid and there is your present, rather they are designed to be wrapped and then reused again, making the whole process a win for both the giver and the receiver.


Look after the world

Recycle your wrapping paper. In an era where resources are both scarce and costly, there is something quite special about unwrapping gifts carefully so that the paper can be used again. Not only that, if you are able to recycle enough paper, it means that next year when you are back to wrapping, not only do you save on the costs of wrapping paper, but when you put all your gifts out under the tree, instead of there being a preponderance of one style of paper, you will have a tapestry of colors under the tree, thanks to the harvest of recycled paper from the previous year.

gifting tips

Don’t take the fun away

Everyone likes to receive gifts, that is a universal truth. But the best part about receiving a gift is the fact that it is a surprise. So, make sure that whatever it is that you give is not immediately identifiable by its shape. In other words, if you decide to give a bottle of wine, put it in a box. And if you are not going to do that, make sure it is properly wrapped so that the label and vintage are not showing on the neck of the bottle. If you do that there is no real reason for the recipient to ever open their parcel at all.

Don’t make it too easy

In our fast-moving consumer world where time is money, the temptation is often to give gifts in bags or boxes. In short, you take the gift – which is often an awkward shape to wrap, stick it in a pretty gift bag and hand it over. The truth is that if you go that route it doesn’t speak volumes about the amount of effort that you put into making it happen, and it detracts massively from the sense of anticipation that the recipient should get from the traditional opening process. Do everyone a favor and wrap it properly.


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