9 Best Gift Ideas for Hikers from Advanced GPS Devices to Backpacks

gift ideas for hikers

Selecting gifts is a very confusing especially don’t know much about their interest, in this case, it’s hiking. If we don’t have much knowledge about hiking it would be very difficult to get gift ideas for hikers. So here we are to help you select a gift for your hiker friend or family. Below are nine best gift ideas for hikers.

gift ideas for hikers

Osprey Exos 48 Backpack

A backpack is an essential item for hikers and it would be an excellent gift for your hiker buddy. Osprey Exos 48 is one of the best-selling backpacks and had plenty of features one needs in a good backpack. It is lightweight, good volume, nylon made, a three lit hydration pack, and comfortable to wear. It also had three different sizes to choose from which allows you to get the right size of a backpack. Overall any hiker would love this to receive Osprey Exos 48 Backpack has a gift. Check this link Osprey Exos 48 Backpack Review for more in-depth review of the product.


Gnarbox 128GB

Photography is one thing a good percentage of hikers love to do on their trips, and they like to capture the wonderful places they go. However, most people have to limit their photos in order not to utilize the whole storage space for few places. With Gnarbox 128GB storage device your friends never need to limit themselves have now they can transfer the pic to Gnarbox. Gnarbox can be connected to multiple devices like action cameras, Drones, DSLRs, Android & iOS phones and transfer your pics at a rate of 4GB/minute on USB 3.0 or transfer wireless through Wi-Fi.

Garmin GPSMAP 64S

Garmin GPSMAP 64S is a handheld GPS device which can help hikers to navigate in the wild and let them know the directions to their destinations. GPS devices are very much needed by hikers especially if they mostly go on solo traveling. It’s challenging for people to memorize the trail they have gone and many times they may get lost in the wild. With Garmin GPSMAP 64s they can easily track their whole route mark waypoints, get notified when approaching a wild animal nest, make a GeoFence, and more. Gifting a Hand-held GPS device makes them realize how much you care about them. At Rallye GPS you can find more info about GPS devices for hikers, hunters, and more.

Good To-Go Dehydrated Meals

Getting good meal is a tough part when we are on a long hike, and many would get weak or worst sick. Most hikers prefer dehydrated meal pack which requires a lot less stuff and time to prepare an excellent meal which is both tasty and protein rich. Good To-Go meal packs are one of the best-dehydrated meal pack available, and they are gluten-free too. Also, they have a wide variety of cuisines available from Thai, Indian, Mexican and many more. All you need is a required amount of Hot water and twenty minutes’ time to get it ready to eat. Check this link to know more about Good To-Go Dehydrated Meals for hikers and outdoors men.


Spyderco Military Pocket Knife

Hikers very much use pocket Knife for plenty of usages and Spyderco is one of the prominent company that manufactures high-quality Pocket Knives. The edges are sharp and retain it for long-term, rust-resistant, easy to use on single hand, and well-built with high standard materials. This is also useful for plenty of day to day activities and can also use for self-defense. Overall unlike most gift ideas in this article, this one can be used for things other than hiking. Blade Reviews have more details about Survival & Pocket Knives.

Action Camera

If you are looking for a gift idea which seems very costly yet affordable, then take a look at action cameras. A decade back one would think twice before thinking to buy an action camera with latest features, but things have changed. Now one can find action cameras starting from 40$ yet have useful features. To find an action camera that looks more professional, lightweight yet affordable and gift it to your hiker friends. Also, check Action Camera Finder for more info about action cameras.

Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow

Carrying an ordinary pillow for a hike is strenuous and occupies a lot of space in the backpack, and most hikers use extra clothes or backpack as a support for the head which is not at all comfortable. However, Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow at the size of a mini water bottle is a game changer for many, and it can comfortably fit anywhere in the backpack and soft as a real pillow. The surface of the pillow is made up of 50D polyester making it soft and gives you the feel of a regular pillow. To inflate the pillow, you just need a couple of, and it also gets deflated super-fast when you remove the clip. You can find more about pillows here at Pillow Picker.


Hyke & Byke Down Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are essential for people who are hiking in regions where the temperature could go below 0°C. At this temperature just having a tent wouldn’t help but need extra stuff to keep you warm and this is where sleeping bags come. Hyke & Byke Down sleeping bags are very light in weight and occupies less space when folded making it easy to carry. It is available in three different sizes for people of different heights and five different colors. Overall it would be an excellent choice has a gift for people who hike in colder regions. Here at Snorezing, you can find many other similar sleeping bag products.

Gift Card

Haven’t you decided anything yet or don’t like the products we suggested? It’s a difficult task to find a suitable gift for others and many times we get confused in a mix of things. However, we always have the choice of giving a gift card and let our friends or family choose what they want. At Amazon, you can not only get Amazon Gift Cards but also Gift Cards of other brands too. Rei is another e-commerce store where it had the products related to outdoors and had almost all the products that are available on the market. Here at Rei Gift Card you can buy their gift cards and give to your friends or family and let them choose the gear they need for their hikes.