Gift Ideas For A Disney Mom

Life is all about the memories we create. So if you are having challenges picking a gift for a new mom? A female colleague? Or your boss? Don’t get discouraged, you might not be the only one with such difficulty.

When it comes to shopping for a Disney-loving mum, great thought has to be put into this. Hey, don’t get discouraged we got you.


There’s a silver lining, you just stumbled upon a timely article. From cute, portable to creative gift items, we would walk you through.

Some individuals have got it figured out already, sometimes they are quite guilty of over-shopping. Yeah, having a Disney touch in all areas of your home is not a bad idea.

Here are a couple of great Disney gifts you could preferably get:

1. Cinderella castle necklace: this is a beautiful piece of necklace to behold. It has the mickey mouse icon. First-timers at Disney world who probably are not acquainted with Disney characters get butterflies when they see this necklace.


2. Mickey mouse diaper bag: Every mom would love a nice diaper bag to help carry things they need for their baby. A Disney backpack comes in handy as a good choice for a gift. It is a storage bag with a couple of pocket-like spaces.

3. Belle bracelet: a beautiful piece of jewelry with an inscription ‘Beauty is found within’. Pure jewelry with a golden finish, having also the rose from the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ Every Disney mom would be interested in having nice beauty bling at her disposal.

4. Classic mickey waffle maker: this helps increase the fun in our homes. This brushed stainless waffle maker comes in handy because children would be drawn on the waffle because of the shape, stirring up their appetite for such a meal.


5. Mickey stud earrings: they are perfect, classic and gorgeous earrings. they could match any outfit you decide to put on. They are also affordable.

6. Mickey mouse toaster: a two-slice toaster which imprints mickey on each slice. This has a beautiful outlook and also triggers your appetite. It’s a good gift for a Disney loving mom.

7. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ rose kit: The rose kit comes with a hundred loose silk petals alongside a small gift box.


8. Disney tea sample pack: a 6-pack tea bag sampler, with other varieties, would fit as a cute gift for a Disney mom.

9. Mickey ID and card credit holder: this serves a good purpose to a mom, helping hold her vital passports, ID cards, credit cards and more. It comes with a strap. You could hang it around your neck.

10. Stemless wine glass: this is an incredible gift for a Disney mom. It has the inscription ‘Hakuna Moscato’ which is interpreted as drink wine.

11. Disney women’s classic 5-pack no show socks: a cute pair of socks which have sizes from 9-11, actuals sizes for women.


12. Mickey mouse Ramekins: craving chocolate? A Disney mom could make use of this to serve chocolate. She could also use them for baking, food storage and more.

13. Mickey mouse belt bag: with the current trend of belt bag, a Disney mom would love this. She could store all her must-haves in this pouch.

Apparently, we can’t completely list out all the available gifts you could get a Disney-loving mom. There is a countless number of gifts available to choose from. However, the gifts mentioned in this article would serve as a starting point in your search. A Disney diaper bag is a starting point for your search for a gift for an expectant mom who loves Disney gifts. You see, we got it covered for you.