How to Get Your First 1000 Followers on Instagram with engaging and quality content?


So, did you achieve the milestone of having first 1000 followers on your Instagram account?

You tried out everything for a growing account, but now you would be dreaming of getting more followers on the Instagram…probably you have got some hundred followers already, and now you are searching for ways to grow up your number, just to come down back some days later -_-


Yes, this is very disheartening ? but it’s a fact!

So, we have good news for you. You landed in the right place! well, it’s not that easy as it seems. You definitely need to do some work. And not only to attract new followers on Instagram but to also keep them stick with your account.

Here are some best methods mentioned for attracting followers on Instagram by using high quality and engaging content, and ways of making most out of it for growing the account.


So, let’s dig in for more.

1. Make Your content for the target audience (be very specific!)

First thing comes first. You are needed to know precisely what you wish of doing with the Instagram account and why. Ask yourself these things:

a) What are your goals and objectives for the Instagram content?


b) For whom you are making your content?

After getting these two things done, you are needed to determine the ways of tailoring the content for a particular niche and audience. If you consider that you should publish the posts with nothing is peculiar, then it is vital to take your step back. begin by re-evaluating the whole strategy. If you define your goals beforehand and make a profile to attract the ideal follower base, you can make it easy to make consistent content.

But the question is, who is the ideal follower? For whom your content will target to?


It is helpful always for doing some research for really understanding who your followers are and what sort of content they are engaging with already on Instagram. It is pretty possible that the ideal followers are going to get very close to the ideal persona of your customers. If you didn’t create the customer persona till now, get a guide for making the one.

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Talking about getting an understanding of ideal follower, it is very vital to make your competitors quite close to you – and this means to keep a close eye over what they post on the Instagram! For your competitors, they may share the same audience just like you. This shows that you get a chance of learning a lot by their posts and, much importantly, with whom they engage and in which ways.

2. Make a consistent aesthetic in feed

So, have you got some ideas to make posts?


You know what is working for you already in your niche and be ready to try something new.

But, get so fast!

Before posting, you need to be sure about each of post that it works!

Think about the Instagram feed like an outfit and each post as parts of clothing. You would never combine stilettos with the tracksuit bottom as it won’t look very right.

Think of similar approach about your Instagram feed and consider in terms of the overall aesthetics. Users to your Instagram profile will judge if they need to follow your account or not in only first 10 seconds. Thus, the first impression always counts!


Pick a theme, think of colour palette which you wish of going for – whether they must be soft or pastels that you need, or colours which are crispier and cooler – also, play around with editing platforms for finding the ideal filters for you.

3. Do an extra mile for your content

Never settle for the content which is only “good enough” – do a bit more effort as it can a long way for catching the attention of people to the feed. And, obviously, to give them an incentive for clicking on the follow button!

For instance, you can make few unique posts which can do an extra mile if they play around the animated content, like mini videos, cinemagraphs and boomerangs (these are native for the Instagram app). You can make the cinematography – which is basically the gif kind videos which show the still images having the single moving elements.

Obviously, there exist a lot of other methods of making the content stand out: invest in the high-quality cam instead of just depending on the phone or having a deal to Buy Instagram followers Instant, or you can also hire someone else to take off photoshoot for you that will provide you a lot of content for use in the feed over some duration of time.