Geroge Floyd Like Incident in India: Jodhpur Cop Kneels On A Man’s Neck: Here Is What Really Happened

An incident in Jodhpur has come to light which has reminded netizens of the George Floyd incident in the US. In the video, a cop is seen kneeling on a man’s neck, although there are several conflicting reports about the incident.

The George Floyd Incident

A couple of days back, George Floyd died of suffocation after he was pinned down by a white police officer. This is despite George Floyd’s repeated attempts asking him to be freed. The incident led to several Anti-Racism movements across the globe.


The Jodhpur Incident

A man identified as Mukesh Kumar Prajapat was found not wearing a mask and was hence detained by the police. However, Mukesh refused to pay fine and also started to become aggressive against the policemen.

This is when, inorder to curb his actions, a constable had to kneel down on his neck. The video of this incident has now gone viral on the net.

In their statement, the police also revealed that Mukesh has a history of aggression and misbehaving in the public. Last June, Mukesh was booked allegedly for piercing the eye of his father with a screwdriver.


On Twitter though, there were conflicting opinions about the incident. While a few were in support of the cop, the others felt that whatever be the misbehavior, the decision to kneel on a man’s neck was unacceptable. Here is the video that is now trending on Twitter:

Source: India Times