Top 10 Genius Ideas For Small Spaces You Should Know

No matter big or small storage has always been a problem where we stand clueless. Especially when you have kids this might rise as a real headache. This can also cause you to eliminate various things. Think smart and make maximum use of the available space. Some ideas which you might consider implementing are briefly listed below,

Selves above and below

The best way to have some increased storage space is by utilizing the space above your doors. You can also try using the empty area that lies below your stairway. You can build selves and start storing there. Try have hanging lights than a standing light.


Sliding and floating selves

Despite using some side desk or lamp stand you can have a floating stand. You can also construct numerous floating selves instead of going for a side desk. Space behind the mirror can also be used as a storage place. You can build a sliding self behind it where you can store your towels and other bathroom requirements.

Simple kitchen techniques

A lot of people prefer having a huge kitchen so that they can feel like being in a cookery show. You can now relive the feel by getting rid of the door. It also happens to be a style statement.

Ways to work on your closet

You can stock some of your clothes in the storage baskets and much them under your bed. A simple change in the way you arrange things can ultimately help you in acquiring some space. You can use hangers and behind the door arrangements for your clothes.


Choosing on bedroom stuff

I have noticed a lot of people using bookshelves to build their bed which can also be used. It is really a good idea. Also, make use of a bedside organizer.

Furniture that is convertible

Quite a large number of people go in for furniture that is convertible. These are extremely useful and helps you in getting some space. Beds and study desks can be made as convertible furniture.

Use raised platform

Raised platforms are brilliant options whereas only a handful of people use it. You can stock a variety of things like ski boards there.


Go for floor cabinets

Nowadays a lot of apartments come with floor cabinets. This happens to be a perfect place to store your supplies and save space at the same time. So this is another option which you can try at once.

Things you can work out to stock your supplies

Construct cabinets and cupboards starting from the ceiling. Make modifications in the way you store things. For eg, store lids and containers separately. Other things you can install in your home right away to increase your storage space includes

  • Over the sink cutting boards is the best choice when you are hunting for some space.
  • Pull out pantry can be very helpful and less space consuming as well.
  • Use magnetic holders to your silver spoons and other utensils

Think about the corners

Corners can be a wonderful place if used correctly. You can build a self at corners and use for various purposes. If you have any unutilized corner in your home try using it and turn it into a study area.


You can use the above ways and gain a lot of space. So rush to the stores and get the required ones immediately using the kohls coupons or via any other ways. There is no way you can find spacious houses that you have found on tv. But you can still make it look great by decorating and adjusting things. Just sprinkle some creativity and rework on the way you have utilized the space.