Gaalipata 2 Twitter Review: The Actor-Director Duo Brings Out A Nostalgic Theme

Like the previous film, Ganesh breathes life into Gani’s character in Gaalipata 2 and he has proved yet again that when he joins hands with Yogaraj Bhat, the result will be outstanding. Ganesh lives up to the expectations or somewhat surpasses them.

The actor-director duo returns

14 years ago Golden Star Ganesh united with Yogaraj Bhat to create box office history with Gaalipata. The movie was all about three friends who leave town around midnight after a discussion to reach Mugilapete in Karnataka. Their adventures there formed the highlight of the story. The movie was a blockbuster hit then. And now, the actor-director duo has come together yet again for the sequel of the massive hit titled Gaalipata 2.


The film holds a special place in the hearts of every Kannadiga for its characters, music, dialogues, and shooting locations. In the sequel, Gaalipata 2, director Yogaraj Bhat has brought the same essence from the first film and focused on three friends and their exploration to find romance and more in life.

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