Frustrated Pakistani Fans Slams Pakistan Cricket Team And Said They Were Eating Burgers Last Night

Yesterday we witnessed Pakistan bowlers being brutally treated by Indian Batsmen which led to a savage victory for India over Pakistan. The neighboring country yet again loses to India for the 7 consecutive times in the World Cup, making them wait for another 5 years for ‘mauka’ (opportunity). Sunday’s loss has disappointed the Pakistani fans as they are in deep misery and has expressed their sorrow by blaming the captain Sarfaraz Ahmed and the team for their poor performance in the game.

Team India’s victory over their arch-rivals

Rohit Sharma’s hundred and Kuldeep Yadav’s spin gave team India a cutting edge over Pakistan and the men in blue inflicted a humiliating 89-run defeat on their arch-rivals, Pakistan in a much-hyped World Cup match. From the beginning itself, Pakistan was poor in their fielding and they gave away two lives for the Indian opening pair. Pakistan missed two easy runs out for both Rahul and Rohit who later contributed 136 runs for the first wicket.


After the substandard performance from Pakistan, some Paki cricketing fans ended up hoping for the game to be interrupted by the rain. Well, it looked the rain god had some different plans, as he was also keen to watch this game and expected a result. Post the game some Pakistani fans blamed the team’s fitness calling them not truly 100% focused in the game.

Frustrated Pakistan fans

One such Pakistani supporter came into the spotlight- who was present at the stadium – cried out blaming the player’s fitness for their loss. He said, “I knew that these people ( Pakistan team) were eating Burgers and Pizzas last night all along and skipped practice sessions. These people should wrestle instead of playing cricket as they are not bothered about their fitness. We all people put our hopes on them and they just eat Burgers.”


This video went viral all over the internet as he was garrulous on and on about his team who were very much interested in the junk food rather than preparing for their game against India and showing the complete ignorance of their fitness levels.

The frustration was not yet over as there were some more people who took frustration through twitter blaming the team’s performance.


When some were trolling the Pakistan team, there were also people pointing out positive things in the game.