From Mysuru Pak To Kaju Katli, Kanti Sweets is Bengaluru’s Favorite Since 1957

kanti sweets

The moment we think about cuisines in Karnataka, Neer Dose, Bisibele Bath, Khara bath and chow chow bath are the dishes that pop up. These are the most commonly preferred dishes by everyone in Bengaluru. When we think about the sweets, holige, payasa, mysur pak, and dud peda are some of the mouthwatering sweets we crave to have. Talking about sweets, lets us take you to the most popular sweet store in Malleshwaram that will satisfy your all sugary tooths. It is one of the oldest savories shops in the city, Kanti Sweets in Bengaluru was established in the year 1957.

What’s On the Plate?

Kanti sweets are very well known for maintaining the authentic taste of a variety of traditional sweets at a reasonable price. It offers a low-cost menu which caters to people who have a sweet tooth. The recommended sweetmeats are Banaras sonpapdi, Black and White sweet, Mysore pak, chum chum, rasagulla, mooti chur ladoo, jalebi, kesar barfi, Bonbay halwa, choclate barfi, Dry fruit ladoo, dry jamun, kaju apple, kaju katli, and Mango barfi.


Milk sweets

Sweets made from milk have a huge demand, not only in Bengaluru but across the country. Sweet like Dharwad peda, dhood peda, horlics barfi, pineapple barfi, ragi barfi, kesar peda, malai peda, milk fruit, mava kathi, and kalkand barfi are some of the best sellers at the Kanti Sweets.

Ghee Sweets

Chose from Bombay halwa, balushahi, Moti pak, pinny, chandrakala, puranpuri, mysurpak, sohan halva, and the very authentic Kaju mysurpak. Ghee plays a vital role as ingredients in the sweets and Kanti sweets use pure desi ghee to make these desserts tasty and also very healthy.

Other popular items: Badam milk, Samosa, Agra mixture, benne murukku, banana chips, aloo papad, and Kaju fry masala. They have a booming business as many Sai devotees buy Kanti ‘s sweets to distribute as Prasadam.


Timing: 10:00 am – 10:30 pm

Where: No.227/1, 14th Cross, Sampige Road, Malleswaram, Opposite to Sai Baba Temple, Near 14th Cross Bus Stop.