From Covid-19 Vaccine To National Events, These Were The Highlights Of PM Modi’s Speech


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday evening addressed the nation. The PM had earlier in the day announced on Twitter that he will share a message with the countrymen at 6:00 pm this evening. “Will be sharing a message with my fellow citizens at 6 PM this evening,” the PM had tweeted from his personal Twitter handle.

The PM spoke about the coronavirus pandemic and declining trend of active COVID-19 cases in the country. The address came amidst the ongoing festival season and ahead of Dussehra and Diwali.


This was PM Modi’s seventh address to the nation since the coronavirus outbreak in the country. He had previously addressed the nation or shared a message with fellow citizens on June 30, May 12, April 14, April 03, March 24 and March 19.


PM Modi’s address to the nation – highlights

* PM Modi’s address concludes.


PM Modi reminds all to follow COVID-19 related precautions: wear a mask, wash hands regularly and maintain social distancing.

* India has a facility of more than 90 lakh beds for COVID-19 patients. There are 12,000 quarantine centres, around 2,000 coronavirus testing labs. The number of tests will cross 10 crores soon. In our fight against COVID-19, the rise in number of tests has been our strength – PM Modi

* All countries are working on war-footing for making COVID-19 vaccine. The Indian government is also working hard on coronavirus vaccine roadmap and to ensure it reaches every citizen as soon as it is made available – PM


* PM Modi cautions: Jab take dawayi nahin, tab take dhilayi nahin (till a vaccine comes, there should be no laxity).

* Recently, we saw many photos and videos where it is clearly seen that people are not careful anymore. This isn’t right. If you step out without a mask, you put your family at risk. We must remember – whether it is America or Europe, cases declined and then there was a sudden spike – PM

* Doctors, nurses and other health workers are working selflessly to serve the society. Amidst all these efforts, we should not get lax. We should not start thinking that coronavirus is gone, or we now face no threat from the virus – PM


* 5,500 people out of every 10 lakh population in India are infected, whereas in countries like the US and Brazil, this figure is around 25,000. The fatality rate in India is 83 out of every 10 lakh population, whereas it is more than 600 in countries like the US, Brazil, Spain and Britain – PM

* Today, the recovery rate in the country is good. The fatality rate is low. India has been able to protect the lives of its citizens during the coronavirus pandemic as compared to the developed countries of the world.

* But we must not forget that the lockdown may have ended, but virus has not vanished. India has stabilised COVID-19 situation with the efforts of every Indian over the last 7-8 months and we must not let it deteriorate again – PM

* Economic activities are increasing with time. Many of us are stepping out of home to bring life back on track. Markets are also brimming with hope and light in the festival season – PM


* We have come a long way in the fight against coronavirus since the Janata Curfew of March 22 – PM Modi

* PM Modi is speaking about coronavirus pandemic and the upcoming festival season.

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Source: Times Now