From Capsicum Bajjis To Ice Cream Bondas; These Popular Street Food Hubs In Bengaluru Are A Must-Visit

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When the monsoon showers are drenching the streets the first thing you yearn is to have a cup of your favorite tea or coffee and some deep fried hot bondas and bajjis with a sharp taste alongside the street. And Bengaluru has some amazing hotspots that offer such mouthwatering vades, bajjis, and bondas made from potatoes, onions, capsicum, and raw banana.

The varieties and options are unstoppable. Importantly, the city vendors big or small have their own twists and additions which make a stop at each of these spots a must. From garnishings of carrots and onions, typical varieties of pudina and coconut chutneys to bondas made from gulab jamuns and ice cream, there are lots of surprises in store for every Bangalorean who has a fetish for roadside sizzlers.

1. SLN Bajjis, Nettakallappa Circle On Subba

Famous for its delicious pineapple bajjis topped with coriander leaves and chopped carrots and onions, the place also offers some tasty mushrooms and raw banana bajjis as a specialty. Priced at Rs. 20/bajji you can also taste the usual Bangalore special onion, chili, and capsicum bajjis.

Sri Guru Kottureshwara Davangere Benne Dosa, 49/1, Subbaraoshetty Road, Netkallappa Circle, Basavanagudi

As the name suggests the place is famous for its benne dosa. But the place also offers some yummy bajjis. The most popular delicacies here are the Halasandhi vada and chili bajjis. Priced at Rs.10 per plate, the best time to enjoy some piping hot bajjis here is around 4.30pm.    

Basavaraj’s Bhajji Bandi, 12th Cross Road Commercial Area, Jeewan Griha Colony, 2nd Phase, JP Nagar

This man from Tumkur is just happy when he gets to sell the bondas and bajjis. Basavaraj is exceptionally famous among the college goers and of course the residents close to the JP Nagar area for his capsicum bajjis and other specialties like onion, potato, raw banana, chili bondas.

Priced at Rs.40 for 2 pieces, the best time to visit is around 4 pm.    

Balraj Bhajji Bandi, Near Kittur Rani Stadium, Jayanagar

The place is one of the oldest haunts in Jayanagar and is famous for its aloo bondas and bread bajji or bread pakoda stuffed and deep fried. Priced in between Rs. 20 to 30 per plate another hot-selling item here is the capsicum bajji.  

Raghavendra Stores Bonda shop, 1/3, Appu Rao Road, Uma theatre circle, Chamrajpet

It is very famous for delicious bondas, bajjis and maddur vades and is a popular hangout spot for locals. Some of the special treats that you are sure to relish at Raghavendra include masala bonda, balekaayi bajji, and donamenasinkai bajjii. Priced at Rs.40 to 50 for 2, this joint offers a dozen varieties of fried snacks. But make sure that you reach here early in the evening as the place closes around 8.30 pm.

Amarnath Bajji,5, RV Road, Basavagudi

Apart from the regular bondas and bajji, the place offers some other special items that include bondas with gulab jamuns and ice cream. Of course, capsicum bajji here is also very tasty, but fried ice-cream bonda is a novelty which you must definitely try out here. Each item is priced at Rs.20/plate.




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