Free on Tree: Bengaluru residents hand jackets on trees for the needy


Winter is almost here in Bengaluru and its residents are preparing for it in full force and in doing so, they are also helping those who might not have the means or access to full winter-wear.

A group of people from Rajarajeshwari Nagar have come together and created an initiative where they hang winter clothes like jackets and sweaters on trees for people to come and wear them if they need it.

A Facebook post

It all began when Srikanth VS, one of the members of the Free on Tree movement saw a Facebook post that showed jackets and sweaters hanging on trees on deserted streets of Bulgaria and Turkey. The post he saw also said that this was for those who could not afford it.

He forwarded the photo on a Whatsapp group he knew and immediately, within 30 minutes Srikanth and his friends were on board for doing the same thing in several areas of Bengaluru.

He talked to Better India about this experience and said, “Getting clothes in under 30 minutes was hard so we went out and bought clothes worth Rs 3500. The initial price was Rs 4500 but when the shopkeeper got to know what our plans were, he gave us Rs 1000 off”.

Gotta keep checking!

After they got the clothes, they went around various places in Bengaluru like Jayanna Circle, Marappa layout and Javaregowdana Doddi. They hung these newly bought clothes on top of trees and waited around the area for about 30 minutes to see they weren’t taken by someone who did not deserve it.

Soon people from all kinds of walks of life came and took these clothes. From construction workers to housemaids to truck drivers, everyone who needed warm clothes came to these areas and took the clothes hung on the trees.

Help them as much as you can

Upon sharing this feat on Facebook, many people came forward and wanted to donate more clothes including sweaters, monkey caps, scarves, and socks.

This year, Free on Tree has done even better than previous times and has grown tenfolds. If you want to donate or just help out with the whole process, please reach out to Free on Tree on Facebook and indulge in some much-needed goodwill!



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