This Cafe in Bengaluru Is Offering A Free Dessert For Burning Your Ex’s Photo – V Day Special!

When anyone is in love everything is beautiful but not everyone is lucky enough to find true love. But not finding true love is not a big deal, because one day or another you will. What is important is to get over the pain of a broken heart and move on. If you are unfortunate to break up with your lover or you have a bitter past then there is a ritual that can help you get over your pain. What’s more to this ritual? What if the ritual comes with a great offer as well?

Yes, you can release your pain along with an amazing offer of a new age.


Wondering what is the offer?

Nothing big, If you have an ex and you still have some feelings left for him or her in any corner of the heart a café in Bengaluru is giving you a chance to get back at your ex’s and at what cost? Nothing cost you but you get a free dessert is instead.

You must be wondering, what is the ritual that will get you the free dessert. It is burning the photograph of your ex. Burning has long been used as a ritual in different cultures in different ways and fire symbolizes different meanings in different cultures. But, this Valentine if you burn the photo of your ex – girl or boy, you can get a free dessert at Koramangala’s RoundUp Café.

What you have to do?

The ritual is very simple. Just sit in front of burning space in the cafe, take the photos and just speak from the heart about what this represents to you and why you want to end this and burn the pictures to ashes. With the burning ashes, you will feel the flames eating up and rendering that old energy into nothingness. Just, let it all go.


Never do this ritual at your home and when you are alone if you want that old energy gone truly! During this ritual honor the emotions that come up and allow it to give you a sense of finality. Celebrate the end of the releasing with a free dessert at the roundup cafe.

If you are in love the café is also offering a free photo shoot with your lover. When you burn your past you can think of a better relationship and a brighter future and this is a gift of Koramangala’s RoundUp Café to you along with a free dessert.

The café has announced about this on their Instagram page.


“Take the excitement of valentine’s day to next level as we present to you the ultimate dare. Get FREE dessert if you Burn your Ex’s picture on Valentine’s day!” as posted by RoundUp Cafe wrote on its Instagram page.

So, gone are the days to sulk alone on valentine’s day after a breakup.. burn your ex.. sorry his/ her photo, grab a free dessert and indulge in the celebrations of free dessert.

Address: Roundup caf, Sai Nivas, Mig ground floor, 1sst crossroad, 7th block, Koramangala


Contact: 08049653438

Day: 14 February

Time: 11 am to 11 pm