Foreign Immigration Confused Over PM Modi’s Pic On Indian Vaccination Certificate

Indian politicians always find their way to advertise themselves through various mediums.Whether it be some government certificates or news channels or posters or anything. On the top there comes our beloved PM Modi who is always known for his showcasing skills in front of the media world.Even the covid vaccination certificate has his smiley face on the bottom and this has subjected to lot of ire from the people across the country

Foreign Immigration Officials Confused With Indian Vaccination Certificate

 Once you receive the first dose of any Covid vaccine in India, the government commissions a provisional certificate of vaccination. After complete vaccination with two doses, one may receive a final certificate of complete vaccination,which of course has a Modi face on the bottom which has confused many officials while immigration.



Indian COVID Vaccination Certificate with Modi’s Photo on it

According to a reports many travellers are being suspected of fraud after showing their official vaccination certificates. Vice lists out a series of instances whereby Indian travellers were suspected of producing counterfeit certificates.

But the reality is officials got confused with a smiley face of Modi on the certificate which did not resemble the face of the person carrying it. Officials didn’t knew that it was a photo of Indian prime minister and always had to look with hunches of fraud towards Indians.Our certificate is far different than that of other country’s vaccination certificate as it does not have any PM’s face on it.Later people had to clarify that the photo does not represent them but is the PM of a country.

Many Indians who recently travelled during this period shred their experiences and unleashed their ire on the PM for for not leaving at least a vaccination certificate without his face on it


Some Experiences On Twitter

What an irony it is the person who is carrying the card has no rights or privileges of having his/her photo but PM is on the line to have his signature pose, truly this is what it is..”The Achhe Din” era.