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Meta: Goals from free-kick always bring explosive emotions to fans and players who successfully make the shot. Let’s find out the best free-kick players of all time.

In intense matches where the defenses of both teams are too sturdy, a free-kick is considered as a lifesaver to break the gridlock of the game. In the history of football throughout the world, there are many names with super free-kicks that make the opponent teams feel shivered for each time they stand in front of the ball.

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Let’s go through this article to find out Top 7 greatest free-kick players of all time.

1. Zico (Brazil) – attacking midfielder

The first person we call out the name is a master of free-kick that no one has ever broken his record. He is Zico, a former Brazilian football player, and coach.
Zico is widely known by football fans owing to his skillful dribbling and impressive goal hunting skills. He was so great that people honored him as “White Pele”. Zico was among the best players in the 1980s.

Zico – the best free-kick taker of all time. Source

Besides, he was also praised by fans for his extremely talented free-kick ability. Throughout his career, he scored 101 goals from direct free-kicks. This makes him the world’s most excellent free-kick taker of all time.

2. Juninho (Brazil) – midfielder

The second player on our list is Juninho, a former midfielder from Brazil. Discussing his total goals from free-kick, he could not compare to his senior teammate Zico. Juninho only scored 76 goals (from free-kick) for his entire career. He was a free-kick expert. Some football professionals even believe that he should be the greatest free-kick taker.

Juninho kicked the ball through the wall. Source

The kicks from Juninho were insanely consistent and accurate. He could bend the ball in all directions from illogical angels and distances. Goalkeepers felt extremely tense to predict the direction of his shot every time Juninho took the free-kick. They must have stayed very focused if they wished to prevent it. Only a few great goalkeepers could make it happen.

3. Ronaldinho (Brazil) – attacking midfielder

Needless to say, Brazil is the leading football country to nurture the best football players in the world. The third greatest free-kick taker is another star from Brazil. It is Ronaldinho.
His name is no stranger to world football fans. He was the witch on the field. What he did with the ball was magic. Playing as a striker, in addition to his cleverness of dribbling, passing, and scoring, Ronaldinho is also known as a remarkable free-kick taker.

Ronaldinho – the dancer on the field. Source

Throughout his career, Ronaldinho scored a total of 66 goals from the free-kick position. Although being retired and switching to Futsal, Ronaldinho is still one of the greatest players and free-kick takers of all time.

4. David Beckham (England) – midfielder

David Beckham was a versatile player that could play in different positions like striker or midfielder. David Beckham spent his entire peak career to play for two renowned clubs – MU and Real Madrid. No matter where he transferred to, he always left a strong impression in the hearts of fans and professionals for his, yes, charming appearance and football skills, including control ability and free-kick.

David Beckham’s signature curved free-kick. Source

David Beckham scored 65 goals from the free-kick situation. Other than that, he was also a set-piece specialist. Whether it was a free-kick, a corner kick, or a pass from long distance, Beckham always made it with powerful shots and high accuracy. Despite his retirement, very few young players can keep up with the shadow he left behind for the England team.

5. Diego Maradona (Argentina) – midfielder

Diego Maradona, the first and only “Golden Boy” in the world football history, was a retired Argentine football superstar. He achieved many noble awards and titles in his peek career. He is considered the 2nd among the top 100 most significant players in the world in the 20th century.

The Golden Boy – Maradona. Source

His influence on world football is no less than “King Pele.” Maradona was an expert in passing multiple opposing players, ball control and dribbling skills. Fans were all fascinated by each of his moves that they sometimes forgot he was also an excellent free-kick taker.

Maradona made impressive kicks, especially those close to the penalty area. There were a total of 62 goals scored by Maradona in a free-kick position. His kick was strong and powerful. It felt like whenever he swung his golden leg, there was a goal without a doubt. That is how he put his name on the list of the best free-kick players in football history.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) – forwarder

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the biggest stars of today’s world football. At the age of 34 years old, he still keeps a sharp form as in his twenties. CR7 has mastered his dribbling skills, passing skills, and then ended the goalkeepers with powerful and definitive kicks.
Ronaldo is one of the best goalscorers of all time as he can make accurate shots. As of September 2018, he has successfully made 56 free-kicks. People say he has passed his golden time, but on the contrary, he still shines for every move he makes.

CR7 and his familiar standing posture. Source

CR7 is still writing down his story in the epic pages of football history. So surely his goals from free-kick are still counting up. Hopefully, CR7 can earn a higher rank in this chart until his retirement.

7. Sinisa Mihajlovic (Serbia) – defender/ midfielder

Sinisa is a former Serbian footballer. He played at defending or midfield position. Currently, he is working as a professional football manager in his country. During his career as a footballer, Sinisa was highly appreciated not by his passing or dribbling skills, but his precision in every free-kick.

Sinisa Mihajlovic. Source

Sinisa gained 50 goals from the free-kick situation. Before every free-kick, he always showed an extremely confident attitude and kicked the ball in a definitive manner. Therefore, Sinisa named himself in the list of greatest free-kick players of all time.


There are still many famous names with accurate free-kicks you may know of, such as Messi, Juninho, Pirlo, Roberto Carlos, and many more rising stars in football all over the world. If you feel interested in this article, do not forget to leave a comment and tell us which player you think is the most excellent free-kick taker.



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