Foods in Bangalore – 10 Must Eat Bengaluru Special and the best places to try

Foods in Bangalore

Bengaluru, as we all know, is the silicon city of India and is popular for so many things and one among is food. The city is a foodie’s paradise with every street and corner of it has something special for you. From the scrumptious Idli Vada, Masala Dosa, Bisi Bele Bath to food points famous for Ice Creams and Desserts, Bengaluru has a mix of all kind of varieties. However, there are some food points and the special delights which are a must try while you are in this city. Check out our list of best foods in Bangalore and the right places to try them on today’s read.

10 Must Have Foods in Bangalore

Donne Biriyani – Bengaluru’s Favorite

Biriyani is a food made in heaven and every time I think about it, I drool. This meat rice relished with the spicy curry or yogurt is the perfect meal to satisfy your appetite. If you are a Biriyani lover then I’m sure that you might have tried Donne Biriyani. A special dish served in a bowl made of areca nut palm leaf is considered to be the best complete meal in the world. The specialty of this Biriyani is that it served in ‘Donne’ which gets a peculiar savoriness and the taste of it is worse than the addiction.


Best Place to Try: Donne Biriyani House (Koramangala 7th Block, Shivaji Military Hotel (Jayanagar, 8th Block)

Also Try: Mutton Biriyani, Chicken Fry.

Foods in Bangalore
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Mangalore Buns – The Taste Of South Canara

A fluffy sweet bun made of bananas tastes finger licking good with coconut chutney and sambhar. A local delicacy of Udupi and Mangalore is pretty famous in Bangalore as well. The hot buns taste amazing with chutney, however, a day-old buns eaten with Potato Kurma tastes equally good.


Best Place to Try: Chetty’s Corner (Serpentine Road), MTR (Basavanagudi), Shri Sagar (Malleswaram), and Halli Mane (Malleswaram)

Also try: Neer Dosa with Fish Curry

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Vada Pav – Become a Mumbaikar in Bengaluru

Needless to glorify the taste of Vada Pav, this special Maharashtrian sandwich stuffed with Vada is loved by people across the world. If you want to relish the real taste of Vada pav then try it with gunpowder chutney and fried green chilies.


Best Place to Try: Dadan Vada Pav (Indiranagar), Karnataka Bhel House (Basavanagudi), Shahi Darbar (Yeshwanthpur), and Tikki Tikki (Koramangala).

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Holige or Dal Obbattu – The Karnataka’s Special

There is no home in Karnataka where Obbattu is not prepared and to that extent, Obbattu has become a part of Kannadiga’s food menu. This sweet dish comes in different varieties like Dal Obbattu, Kai (coconut) Obbattu, Sugar Obbaattu, and so on. It tastes heavenly when relished with ghee and Mango Shrikhand. If you go to Mysore and North Karnataka, obbattu is a must have.

Best Place to Try: Holige Mane (Malleswaram), Nalapak (Rajajinagar), Holige Mane Rotti Kendra (Basaveshwara Nagar)


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Sandwich and Paranthas – Evening Snack

Sandwiches and Evenings always make a great combination. They are lip smacking and finger licking good when eaten with tomato sauce and green chutney.

Paranthas or Parathas with butter and pickle sounds great. There is a difference between the taste of North Indian Paranthas and South Indian Parathas. Paranthas are prepared with Aloo stuffed inside and you can also choose from Gobi, Radish, Onion, and other stuffings.

Best Place to Try: Hari Super Sandwich (Jayanagar), Paratha Plaza (Koramangala).


Also try: Chocolate Sandwich

Foods in Bangalore

Let’s Eat Some Bhel

If Masala Puri is love then Bhel Puri is an emotion. The confusion is always alive between Masala Puri and Bhel Puri. These two epitomes of Chaat genre is also accompanied by a little buddy called Sev Puri which sometimes gives a tough competition. The whole ambiance around the chaat center and the experience of having our favorites on the roadside are so craving that you should not miss it.

Best Place to Try: Karnataka Bhel House (Basavanagudi), Tikki Tikki (Koramangala), Vijayanagar, and Malleswaram.

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Ice Creams – Eat before it Melts

Nothing can explain the joy of having ice creams in the coolest weather of Bengaluru. Those flavors, colors, different kind of delights, and the drooling creamy wallop, Ice cream is the reason for me to live and breathe.

Best Place to Try: Rockstone Ice Cream Factory (Mantri Square), Haagen – Dazs (MG Road), Cream Stone (HRBR Layout), Stoned Monkey, Red Berrys of Basavangudi.


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Kesari Bath

The authentic Kannada Food, the hot Kesari Bath never denies to melt in your mouth. One spoon of it with hot ghee will make your day. Almost every hotel in Bengaluru has Kesari Bath on their menu. It is a perfect breakfast item relished with Khara Bath or Upittu.

Best Place to Try: CTR (Malleswaram), Brahmin’s Coffee Bar (Basavanagudi), Vidyarthi Bhavan.

Foods in Bangalore

Bhaji and Filter Coffee – When it rains in Bengaluru

Do you have any better option than eating the hot crispy Bhaji with Filter Coffee? I don’t know why Bhaji tastes awesome when it rains, especially in Bengaluru.

Best Place To Try: Shivraj Bhaji Cart (Vijayanagar), Basavaraj’s Bhaji Bhandi (Jayanagar)

Also try: Banana Bhaji, Uddin Vade, and Mangalore Bhaji

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Akki Rotti – More than a Pizza

Akki Rotti is Bengaluru’s own breakfast item that tastes ecstatic when eaten with coconut chutney. Not every hotel has this on their menu but Bengalurians will go made for Akki Rotti.

When I have mentioned about Akki Rotti then it becomes mandatory to take the name of Chittranna which is equally famous in Bengaluru.

Best Place to Try: Halli Mane (Malleswaram), Khanavalis.

Foods in Bangalore

I’m sure that I have missed many. If you know any must have foods in Bangalore that you would like to share with us then please write in the comments below.

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