Add This Lesser-Known Food Street Near Wilson Garden Road Of Bengaluru To Your List; It is Sakkath!


There are a number of food streets in Bengaluru which might have already hosted you on many occasions. However, we are now about to tell you about a certain place which is fastly climbing the steps to become yet another addition to the list of fantastic Food Streets in our city.

Finding the location of this lane could be a little difficult. The street behind Shaninagar Bus Depot is the easiest clue you could get to arrive at this place. Also, typing “Vijayalakshmi Stores” on your Google Map would help if you are driving.

The 7 Wonders

There are approximately 7 food joints on this street & hence, it wouldn’t be a crime if this lane could be referred by this name.

Starting with the Annapurna Hotel which offers you lip-smacking Benne Dosas (Rs 40) and Thatte Idlis(Rs 20), you would next arrive at the Simha’s Bajji Stall which is extremely popular for its ultra-spicy “Whole Capsicum Bajji”(Rs 22). The Half-Plate Gobi (Rs 60 per plate) is mandatory at Gopal’s Stall while a unique serving called Kotthu Parotta (Rs 50) is worth tasting at the Pandian’s Parotta and Dosa Centre.

You would then be given a difficult choice to make when both Chokulingam’s and Raghavendra’s try to lure you with their onion dosas (Rs 25). At the end of this fulfilling spicy journey, the exciting Triveni desert (Rs 55) awaits you at the Vijayalakshmi Stores which will make sure your sweet tooth is not disappointed

Credits – Little Black Book

A Hidden Wonder

Very few are aware of this hidden gem located behind the Shantinagar Bus Depot. In fact, a few shops on this street do not even have a name for themselves. However, surprisingly, there is always a crowd that is ready to welcome you to this street.

Most of these restaurants do not have proper seating arrangements and considering the “foodie-base” they are catering to, these joints create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy your food. The owners of all these hotels have interesting stories to tell and hence, a different kind of experience is something you can take away after your journey in this street.

wilson garden food street


The unique tastes and never-before-heard dishes are the specialties in this street. Benne Dosas are loaded with butter and the white-aloo masala which is served along with the dosas is something which you might not have tasted before. You are bound to have the same feeling when you taste the red-chutney which accompanies the Thatte idlis.

The “Whole-Capsicum” Bajji is given a tangy twist of lime with a generous topping of onion & carrot to put an end to your cravings for some spicy food. Kotthu Parotta – Shredded pieces of Parotta along with scrambled pieces of egg and dosage of some unique masala will definitely put a smile on your face. In the end, a mix of bananas, gulkhand & ice-cream called Triveni will help you complete a satisfying journey.

Where: Wilson Garden, Bengaluru (Recommend to use Vijaylakshmi store on Google map or look for the Post office adjacent to the lane)




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