What An Idea: You Can Get Home Food From Your Neighbor in Bengaluru For A Price Via Whatsapp

whatsapp group food bangalore

Bengaluru is a high profile city where it is quite common for both husband and wife to be actively focused on their careers. Most of their time is spent at the office and while commuting and they are left with a very little time at hand for cooking.

That is the gap, mobile apps like Zomato and Swiggy have been filling up providing doorstep delivery of foods on order.


But most of these come from hotels with lots of spices and oil. Regularly eating food in this way ultimately takes a toll on health leading to issues like acidity, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity.

But Bengaluru, the city that always welcomes a change with open arms have a new option of home cooked food that is available through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Group Of Hyperchefs In Bengaluru

Do you feel like having a few pakoras during the rainfall? Well, if you are in Bengaluru and want to enjoy some hot homemade fritters, all you have to do is just check on your apartment’s Whatsapp group who is cooking what and order. No GST, no tension of going out, just enjoy the special taste of snacks and meals made by home cooks at home.


There are several apartment complexes in Bengaluru’s elite areas like Mahadevpura, Whitefield, Bannerghatta, Sarjapur and Hemur that have discovered the immense benefits of a neighborhood food network in the past few years. Importantly, the overall process is quite simple.

Residents in the same locality come together on an online group like WhatsApp for buying and selling food from snacks to breakfast, dinner or lunch items.

The sellers on the group get an opportunity to display their culinary skills and also make some money. On the other hand, the buyers get a chance to eat fresh homemade food at reasonable prices.


So what is the difference between such hyperlocal networks and the food delivery giants like Zomato, Urban Eats, and Swiggy?

For career-oriented people who crave for homemade food, such hyperlocal networks in the neighborhood are a boon. So, even if you do not have time to cook food or do not feel like cooking, such services ensure that you still enjoy home-cooked food. It is just a perfect and flexible option for the people living a fast-paced life.

How Does The Group Operates?

Food has always been big business in the IT city of India with the culinary hotspots such as Koramangala itself having more than 500 restaurants. Bengaluru is the topmost city ordering food online in India with 32% preferring to have the food delivered at their doorstep.

It means the city has always been craving for more options when it comes to getting food delivered to home. The neighborhood food networks not only fulfill this need but also offer the buyers a taste of homemade food which is a double advantage.


First, individual building communities form a closed WhatsApp group which residents can join only on invitation. On this platform buyers and sellers connect through apps like FoodyBuddy.  

On this platform, the sellers post a menu a night before or as is the arrangement of the group and also mentions delivery slots, and number of orders possible. Buyers have to send their orders or requests in stipulated time.

It is like booking your food in advance. Here the prices are fixed and the food is delivered or picked by the buyer as per the arrangement. When you use apps like FoodyBuddy, the company keeps a small share of these sales.

There are many more apps like FoodyBuddy that are really doing well such as Masala Box and Oota Box that connect home chefs with neighborhood customers.


According to the co-founder of FoodBuddy, Rachana Rao, “It is the need to eat home-cooked food that has led to this trend of a neighborhood food network. The majority of our buyers are working professionals, who don’t have time to cook at home, whether it’s [because of] work pressure or the long commutes and traffic in Bengaluru. But at the same time…it matters to them what they are putting on the table.”

Assurance Of Quality

One of the biggest reasons why locals prefer food from the neighborhood is that they are assured of the quality and freshness of the food delivered as it is prepared by someone they know or have direct contact.

Such personal connections are the reason that has made WhatsApp food network so much popular in Bengaluru.