Food Delivery App Blunder : Now Swiggy Delivers Non-Veg On Veg Order in Bengaluru

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The food delivery app controversy took a new leap when Swiggy delivered non-vegetarian food on vegetarian order creating the greatest blunder. Arundhati Ramanathan posted a related tweet stating that she placed the order from the Django Kitchen restaurant in Indiranagar, Bengaluru.

Food Delivery App Blunder Continues

It is not the first time for a food delivery app service to face such allegations. Prior to this incidence, a few days ago, a video displaying Zomato delivery personnel eating food from the ordered food packets became viral. The video suggested that the delivery boys ate from the packets meant to be delivered. And now Swiggy created yet another blunder. Swiggy served a chicken dish instead of a vegetarian cuisine as per the order.


Even before that, sometime ago, UberEat created a similar mistake of delivering a non-vegetarian dish to a vegetarian order. According to reports, Shivam Lakhanpal, a Hindu Brahmin practicing vegetarianism ordered Vegetarian Paneer Shawarma from UberEats. Instead, the service boy delivered him Non-Veg chicken shawarma much to the disgust of Lakhanpal. After repeated angry calls, the company paid Lakhanpal a compensation of Rs. 200 for the goof-up.

Shivam said, “I’ve been a vegetarian for life. For 28 years, I’ve never once had meat, or even sat at a table on which it was served. I’m literally devastated by this act of yours and feel everything I’ve ever stood for had come to an end. As a devout Brahmin Hindu, being vegetarian is a huge part of who I am and this act of thorough disregard has tremendously interfered with and hurt my religious sentiments.”

Swiggy Says It Is Extremely Disappointed

Arundhati Ramanathan posted a tweet and a screenshot as an evidence of the blunder created by the food delivery app Swiggy. The screenshot reveals that Arundhati ordered for a “Low Keto Carb Mushroom Stroganoff” from Django Kitchen. According to the official Swiggy customer support Twitter handle, ‘SwiggyCares’ they are extremely disappointed with the incident.


In reply to Arundhati’s tweet, the customer support of Swiggy posted an apology. The apology stating that on receiving the complaint, they immediately issued orders to investigate the matter further. The response from Swiggy stated, “This might have happened either because of a mistake from the restaurant or a mistake by the delivery executive. The restaurant might have, by mistake, given out a wrong item. Or, the delivery executive could have delivered someone else’s order to this customer.” Swiggy promised to take action once the investigation comes up with a guilty party.

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