Following the Footsteps of Sonu Sood, Mr. Bachchan and Prakash Raj Comes Forward to Help The Migrants

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In what is being termed as the worst health crisis of the generation, the biggest film industry in the world, Bollywood, has stepped up to the crisis by helping the needy and the poor. The new entrant to the list of messiahs is multi-lingual actor Prakash Raj.

Several film associated professionals have done philanthropy work in the past month as the COVID-19 situation in the country worsens. Apart from actors Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar, Sonu Sood has been winning hearts with his initiative to help stranded migrants to reach their homes safely by arranging private transport on his cost.


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The latest actor to come forward has been Prakash Raj, who has time and again showed his interest in making people’s lives better. On the 25th of May, Prakash Raj helped hundreds of stranded laborers to reach their home and also promised that he would be doing a lot more in the coming days.

In the initial days of the COVID-19 outbreak in the country, to support his employees who will be potentially out of work due to the lockdown, Prakash Raj had pledged to pay salaries to each and every employee of his who work in his farmhouse, film production, and even his personal staff. He had also pledged to give at least half salaries to all the daily wage workers who were working in all three films of his which have been stopped due to the restrictions.

A month back, in April, Raj had admitted that his financial situation is depleting and yet he will continue to reach out to the needy even if it means to take a loan. He had sheltered stranded migrants in his farmhouse and looked after them for 44 days before bidding goodbye to them and arranged transport for them. His kindness has won the hearts of the people he helped and who witnessed his deeds as well.


Amitabh Bachchan lends his support

Following the footsteps of Sonu Sood is the superstar Amitabh Bachchan who sought permissions and arranged for 10 buses to transport migrants back to their home in Uttar Pradesh. Apart from that, Big B is also distributing food to the migrants. Reportedly, he has collaborated with Haji Ali Trust and Pir Makhdum Saheb Trust and has been distributing 4,500 packets of cooked food on a daily basis. This has been carrying out in the areas of Arab Gali, Antop hill, Worli Lotus, Mahim Dargah, Haji Ali Dargah, Dharavi, and Sion.

Along with helping the migrants, Big B has also helped the frontline workers of the coronavirus fight. He has donated over 20,000 Personal Protection Equipment kits, masks, and sanitizers to various hospitals in Mumbai and also to the Mumbai Police.

Source: India Times