Flouting Social Distancing Norms, Hundreds Gather In Karnataka For A Religious Fair

A similar incident had taken place in Ramanagara a few weeks ago

In the initial days of the lockdown, several cases of the social distancing norms being broken were reported across the country. However, with the awareness settling in, such incidents gradually decreased in number in the next few days.

With the country slowly opening up, few more incidents of mass gatherings are being reported. The latest incident to be accused of this, is from Ramanagara in Karnataka.


Religious Fair in Honor of Goddess Maramma

On May 14th, thousands of villagers gathered for a religious fair in the honor of Goddess Maramma, in Kolagondanahalli of Ramanagara. In a video that was posted by a Twitter user, it can be seen that almost every villager is without a mask, and most importantly, none of the social distancing norms were being followed.

Also, in the video, the villagers can be seen with their pooja thalis as an offering to the deity. Interestingly, one of the prayers for the fair included an appeal to get rid of the virus.

Officer suspended for granting permission

As per sources, the gathering was held based on the permission given by the Panchayat development officer NC Kalmatta.The officer has reportedly been suspended by the Ramanagara Deputy Commissioner following a report by the Tehsildar.


It is to be noted that Ramanagara is in green zone, and despite the relaxations, none of such gatherings are allowed. ‘Green Zone’ only means that a few operations can take place, all while following the various norms prescribed by the government.

Source: India Times