Flipkart Suspends Services As India Enters 21-Day Coronavirus Lockdown

The bengaluru based company Flipkart on Wednesday announced that it has halted its services in India due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Flipkart suspends services

The Walmart-owned e-commerce giant announces on its website and app that it is suspending services temporarily. “Hello fellow Indians, We’re temporarily suspending our services…These are difficult times, times like no other. Never before, have communities stayed apart to stay safe. Never before, has been at home meant helping the nation,” Flipkart said in a message to its users.


Flipkart’s decision to suspend its core service comes into effect immediately after its rival company Amazon announced that it will receive orders only for fundamental products.

“We urge you to stay home to stay safe…We will get there. And we will get through. Together,” Flipkart added.

Will resume soon 

Apart from showing the message, the Flipkart website also provides information about the warning issued by the government of India regarding COVID-19. The page contains links to the government’s information portal, which apart from detailing government circulars also gives a status of COVID-19 outbreak in various states.


source: livemint

Flipkart ensures that it will resume service as soon as it can. Though, it is quite likely that the e-commerce platform won’t accept or deliver orders until the fresh 21-day lockdown announced by the government comes to an end.