Fleeing Afghans Forced To Pay Rs. 3000 For Water Bottle, Rs. 7500 For Plate Of Rice At Kabul Airport

Afghanistan problem is certainly one of the worst humanitarian crisis of the year, politicians and power hungry leaders are fighting against each other;those poor citizens and people of the country are the prime sufferers of this cruelty,which is inflicted upon them.Over the days around 1lakh people have fled the country from Kabul including Afghans and other foreign nationals.

Exorbitant Prices For Food And Water At Kabul Airport

Anxious people running on the tarmac with planes, people falling off the wings of moving aircraft in the most tragic manner and infants being dangerously passed over barbed wires and this time it has reached towards the food and water as well.


People stacked inside Kabul airport

Kabul airport is tightly packed with people trying to flee the country and taking advantage of the current situation, food and water prices have reached to USD 100 and USD 40 respectively.Yes you heard it right! Currently a bottle of drinking water at Kabul airport costs ₹3000 or $40 and a plate of rice costs ₹7500 or $100.Truly insane prices of foods have caused yet another problem for the people who are trying to evade.


Reuters has shared the video on the social media platform Twitter which clearly shows the plight of the common Afghan citizens at Kabul airport.

Afghans Being Evacuated From Kabul Airport

Each day many nations including India has been lifting people from Afghanistan and America is amongst the top trying to evacuate as many Afghans and American Nationals from the country.Reportedly by the first week of September Biden claims to sneak out of the country with its people and troops.


About 1,500 American citizens still remain to be evacuated from Afghanistan. Though the Taliban has rejected giving an extension on the US troops pull out, it did pledge to allow some departures after US troops leave the country on August 31.