Fixing Bengaluru Roads A Number One Priority : BS Yeddyurappa

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The Chief Minister assures that Bengaluru will have clean and tidy roads by the next 4 years. BS Yeddyurappa has stated that his government will give top priority to the development of Bengaluru by focusing on infrastructure improvement.

Improving Bengaluru roads

With Karnataka going for byelections on December 5, CM BS Yeddyurappa has given a clear indication that BJP will win 12 to 13 seats out of 15 seats in the assembly. Keeping development as the main priority, the CM said, “Development of Bengaluru tops our agenda. Sufficient funds are being provided for infrastructure development, but heavy rains have destroyed Bengaluru roads. Restoring them is a top preference right now.”

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Previously, the former CM and JD(S) captain HD Kumaraswamy made an interesting statement for BJP as he did not want the current government to fall. “ I want the BJP government to continue in the interest of flood victims and farmers suffering from severe drought,” he said.

Ever since Kumaraswamy Government collapsed the Congress and JDS had a blame game with each other for the premature end of their coalition rule. However, their leaders had indicated there will be no alliance and the two parties are going it alone in the bypolls.

The bypolls 

Amid JD(S) unsettled support towards BJP, the Chief Minister said that his party does not want to forge any kind of agreement with the JD(S) as past experience. In 2006 BJP and JD(S) formed a government together where they had agreed that each (Kumaraswamy and Yediyurappa) be Chief Minister for 20 months. Kumaraswamy became the CM first. However, when his 20-month period was up, he refused to let go of the Chief Minister’s chair. The alliance broke up soon after.

BSY has asked his ministers to refrain from traveling abroad till the situation improves in the flood-affected regions. “Ministers cannot head out until the flood and drought situation improve, and till the bypolls are over. They can go on tours only if it benefits the state’s cause.



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