Five Highest Rated Whole House Water Filters

With high levels of impurities and contaminants found in tapped water, filters are becoming more common in our homes. Water typically enters a household at the “Point of Entry,” also referred to as POE.

However, many households install water filters at specific points in the house, such as the kitchen sink. It’s essential to consider installing a “whole house water filter” to ensure that all the water coming to your home is clean and safe for your consumption and all household uses.


How they work

You generally install whole house water filters at the POE and all the water coming in is directed through several layers of filters carrying out different functions. For example, the filtration will begin by removing sediments of rust, silt, and sand.

Valves are installed to direct the water to all the stages of filtration before being released to the rest of the house. These stages ensure that your sinks don’t get stained, your showers don’t get clogged, your refrigerator and washing machine receives purified water; and you can drink a glass of pure, filtered water straight from any tap in the house. When carrying out maintenance, the valves are switched off to change filters.

According to, the following five whole house water filters, are the topmost rated in the market today.


1. Aqua OX Whole House Model

Headed by founding member Michael Van Schaik, Aqua OX is an easy to install whole house water filter with remarkable features and excellent performance. Aqua OX uses seven stages of filtration to get rid of heavy metals, contaminants, and other unwanted toxins in domestic water.

2. Pelican Whole House Filters

Pelican is a division of Enviro Water Solutions and is one of America’s top-rated salt-free water descaler. The Pelican whole house water filters are affordable, easy to install and maintain as they purify your water in four or five stages. The ones with five stages of filtration have options for Ultra Violet (UV) light sterilization.

3. Aquasana 10-Year, 1-Million Gallon Whole House Filter

As the name suggests, this whole house water filter by Aquasana guarantees you ten years of uninterrupted service having supplied you with up to one million gallons of water. This model can remove up to 98% of chlorine from water as well as reducing industrial solvents, heavy metals, and organic chemicals.


4. iSpring WKB32B Whole House System

This whole house filtration system includes the largest filters available in the market with an easy to follow DIY video tutorial for installation and maintenance. Another notable benefit of owning this system is the affordability of the filters, which are currently the cheapest in the market.

5. Home Master HMF2SMGCC Whole House Filter

Fitted with two cartridges, and a simplified method of operation, the Home Master whole house filter is also rated highly. The first cartridge is specifically for filtering sediments that are as tiny as 1 micron. The other cartridge is made up of catalytic carbon which is granular-activated to enable it to filter out up to 99% of soluble metals such as chromium, nickel, mercury, and lead.


Most households using municipal water prefer to use filters only at the point of use because the water usually is pre-treated. However, users of groundwater from wells and boreholes may require whole house filters fitted at the POE to ensure the entire house runs on purified water.