Decoded: Fitness Secret Of Kiccha Sudeep And Everything About His Daily Routine and Diet

fitness secret of sudeep

Discipline, consistency, and dedication is Sudeep’s secret to being effortlessly fit. Moreover, it turns out to be a big surprise that he dislikes gymming, and does not lift weights as a result. He maintains his 6’1 frame at 76 kgs and avoids all sorts of junk food, be it biscuits, juices, chips or chocolates.

A Day In The Life Of Kiccha Sudeep

Sudeep attributes his fitness mainly to skipping and cycling. He ensures that he skips 2000 times a day, with leg stretches in between. Here’s a day in the life of superstar Sudeep!


He begins his mornings by 7:30 am, managing with just 4 hours of sleep! He says that it is sufficient for him. His breakfast consists of a home cooked South Indian breakfast. He loves doseys and avoids anything rice, including idlis. Kiccha accompanies this with a cup of tea only a chosen few know how to prepare. He loves filter coffee so much, that he loses count of how much he has had!


Food Priorities

Whether at a film shooting or at home, Sudeep keeps lunch simple with a ragi mudde, served along with sambhar. For snacks, he loves seasonal fruits and juices. Sudeep loves his dinner dry as he eats ragi rotis or chapatis with either a vegetarian palya or tandoori chicken. He dislikes gravy because he finds it unnecessary, and avoids red meat. He has a strong liking for chicken and seafood.

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fitness secret of sudeep

Fitness Secret

His fitness secret, however, lies in the fact that he eats everything, but in fewer quantities, unless it’s rice. In that case, all he has is a spoonful or two. He prefers to stay away from supermarkets because he might end up buying a lot of junk food. Another secret to him being fit is his willpower, which is what keeps him going. Also, his opinion of a strong diet over an intense workout is: “Why do everything and then struggle!“.

sudeep workout

Cooking – A Stress Buster for Kiccha

Sudeep likes to de-stress by cooking, and he does so to the joy of his family, too! His daughter, he says, loves pizzas, and he has been trying his hand at baking off lately. He can cook Chinese and Continental dishes pretty well, and he loves to cook for his friends when they pay him a visit.

His mantra for life is to enjoy it and to do what you want to do. Looks like we all have a lot of learning to do. Let’s get fit together, people!


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