FIR Filed Against Maharashtra BJP MLA After Hundreds Gather At His Residence For His Birthday


An FIR has been filed against the MLA of Arvi district in Maharashtra, Dadarao Keche, after over 100 people gathered at his residence yesterday as part of the MLA’s birthday celebrations.

Maharashtra with the highest cases in the country

While the entire country is in lockdown, the situation is much severe in the western state of Maharashtra, as the Maratha state is host to the maximum COVID-19 cases in the country. Amidst this, a reckless case of violation of the social-distancing norms has been reported in the state.


Over 100 people gather at the MLA’s Residence

To mark his birthday, Dadarao Keche decided to distribute dry ration amongst the needy citizens. Over 100 people turned up for the event and crowded the narrow lane in Wardha, where the MLA’s residence is located.

While the Police and the concerned officials tried to disperse the crowd, a few of them also retaliated by arguing with the policeman. As soon as the incident was reported, photos and videos of the crowd became viral.

Courtesy: The New Indian Express

MLA denies the allegations

Dadarao Keche has alleged the opposition to be part of this conspiracy. He said:


I distribute food to the poor and needy every year on my birthday. I was planning to distribute food grains only to 21 families. After doing that I left for a temple but then opposition conspired and spread the message that I was distributing free ration to everyone. This resulted in a mass gathering.

An FIR was later filed against the MLA for lockdown violation.