FIR Against Father-In-Law Of Bengaluru Google Techie Who Tested Coronavirus Positive

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An FIR has been filed against the father-in-law of the Google techie in Bengaluru who was tested positive for coronavirus after the former was accused of ‘misleading’ the medical team about his daughter’s location.

A case for misleading the health officials 

According to a source, a case was registered against the Google techie’s father in law a day after the news was announced that the techie’s wife ‘escaped’ coronavirus test in Bengaluru – which was indeed false.


The techie’s family has also confirmed that she never fled isolation and was already in Agra when her husband was tested positive in Bengaluru on March 12.

The FIR filed against the woman’s father states that when a medical team had collected her samples on March 12, after her husband was found positive, her sample was found to be ‘highly suspicious,’ and so the medical team reached her father’s residence a day later, on March 13 as well.

source: toi

After the officials interrogated her father, he then told them that his daughter had already left Agra and had taken a flight back to Bengaluru via Delhi.


Following, the medical team observed that she could still be in Agra, and officials say they tracked her through surveillance and her location was found to be Agra itself.

source: TOI

After all this incident the Agra police have slapped a case under Sections 269 (act likely to spread the infection of any disease dangerous to life) and Section 270 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

The woman was later confirmed that she too has tested positive for COVID-19.


Where did the woman go?

It is reported that the woman had at first gone to the hospital on March 12, after her husband was tested positive in Bengaluru. But, the hospital they were taken to was dirty and the isolation ward was extremely messy, her family and friends claimed.

Following a complaint, she was allowed to go by the doctor, who then requested her and the entire family to be on home isolation. Nevertheless, officials wanted to bring her back to the hospital on March 13, which is when the father purposefully said that she was not in Agra.

source: TOI

The virus was infected to the couple because they had been on a honeymoon in Greece and had returned to Mumbai, from where they reached Bengaluru on March 8.


The next day, the techie’s wife went back to her native place in Agra via Delhi. Four days after she reached Agra, on March 12, her husband tested positive for coronavirus.