Where to Find Premier Inn Discounts

premier inn discounts

Premier Inn is the UK’s largest hotel chain. It has 785 hotels and over 72,000 rooms. The hotel chain isn’t exclusively in the UK because they also operate on other parts of the world, including Germany, India, Republic of Ireland, and the United Arab Emirates. If you’re on a tight budget, you can find lots of websites that offer Premier Inn discounts like the ones below:

  • Discount Go

Discount Go offers hotel promotional codes, flight deals, car hires, and vacation packages. If you’re planning to go on vacation, you’ll find lots of discount codes for a lot of the stuff you’ll be paying for when on vacation. You’ll be able to save a lot on your accommodation budget and spend more on leisure activities.


Their Premier Inn discounts include the following:

  • Discounts on advanced bookings
  • No charge for kids and their breakfast
  • Parking discount
  • Multiple booking discounts
  • Deals Daddy

Deals Daddy offers discount codes on certain Premier Inn branches. If you’re looking for hotel accommodations in Bristol, London Waterloo, London Southwark, Luton Town Centre, or Darlington Town Centre, you’ll find the discounts here.

Aside from Premier Inn discounts, Deals Daddy also offers lots of discount codes for other things including:


  • Furniture
  • Home decor
  • Electronics
  • Gardening
  • Beauty
  • Sports
  • Pet supplies
  • Auto
  • Accessories
  • Clothing
  • Office supplies
  • Promotional Codes

Promotional Codes don’t charge for the UK codes that they offer, because they make money through advertising. However, if you’re going overseas like India, you’ll also find discounts that are applicable over there.

If you want an adventure and go to India’s most dangerous roads and then post your experiences on social media, Promotional Codes has a deal for free Wi-Fi for every location of Premier Inn. You can also get a discount for advanced booking, so make sure to plan your trip early.

  • Voucher Cloud

Voucher Cloud offers active Premier Inn discounts per month. You’ll find that they have discounts on Freeview TV, full breakfast discounts, family room discounts, and many more. You may also get a £10 gift card as a reward for upfront bookings that are over £150.


You’ll also find instructions on how to use Voucher Cloud discount codes for Premier Inn. If it’s your first time booking a room at the Premier Inn, you’ll find the guide very helpful. There’s also an FAQ section where you can find the answer about something you’re wondering about your booking.

  • Metro

Metro doesn’t just provide the latest news on sports, entertainment, and many more, but they offer Premier Inn discounts, too. You’ll find discount codes that you can use for any of their hotels, and there are also discounts you can use for rooms on specific locations. You can read up on recent news while you look for discount codes that are available for your trip.

  • Marie Claire

The lifestyle magazine Marie Claire offers Premier Inn discounts on their website counterpart. They provide the latest discount codes that you can use this 2019. You can book hotel rooms in Glasgow, Liverpool, and Ireland at a cheaper rate, plus lots more amazing deals.


  • Independent Voucher Codes

The online news site The Independent also offers Premier Inn discounts. While you get updated with news about politics or sports, you may also browse for discount codes for Premier Inn. You’ll find offers for lower rates at Birmingham, Edinburgh, and Newcastle, plus many other deals. You can also book rooms for special occasions like Easter break or maybe even set up a romantic date with your significant other.

  • My Voucher Codes

My Voucher Codes is a UK website that offers discounts, deals, and vouchers you can use in the country. Because Premier Inn is a UK hotel chain, it’s not surprising that you’ll find discount codes there. They still have plenty of available Premier Inn discounts that are still active for download this February.

Aside from hotel accommodations, you’ll also find lots of available discounts for other stuff. You can browse through their website that has over 30,000 voucher codes for over 3,000 retailers. The site has garnered more than 8 million members.

  • Mirror Online

The Mirror is an online tabloid that provides news on politics, celebrities, tech, sports, money, and many more. Their Premier Inn discounts include cheaper rates for specific UK locations and special deals you can use on most of their hotel rooms anywhere.


Final Thoughts

Don’t miss the chance to save on money whenever you can. Traveling can cost a lot of money because of the accommodations, food, parking, and tours you’ll do while in a different place. If you stay at Premier Inn, take advantage of discounts to cut down on your expenses and spend more on the important stuff.