Finally It’s A Relief: Playing Loud Music On-Board A Bus Is Prohibited In Karnataka

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Now, you cannot play loud music while traveling in the city buses. The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) on Thursday decided to take charge against the passengers playing loud music on their electronic gadgets.

No loud music while traveling in a Bus 

This move came into existence when a Tumkur advocate named L Ramesh Naik filled a Public Interests Litigation in the Karnataka High Court seeking restrictions on playing loud music or video on electronic gadgets in buses or trains. The 37-year-old stressed the demand as playing loud music in buses caused inconvenience to the passengers.


So think twice before playing your favorite song louder onboard a BMTC bus, which will now lead you into deep trouble. According to the rules playing loud music or videos on any electronic gadgets is a violation of Motor Vehicle Rules. Therefore, playing music using a headphone is not restricted, as it won’t cause trouble for anyone.

What does Karnataka Motor Vehicles Act say?

“We are looking to put up display boards in buses stating not to play music or video in a loud noise. We will also try to create awareness amongst passengers for following the rule,” said a senior BMTC official.

source: timesnow

The section 94 in Karnataka Motor Vehicles Rule 1989 says if a passenger on board a bus, sings or plays an instrument, plays loud music in a radio, or other electronic gadgets, the driver or the conductor may alight the person from the vehicle. The driver can also stop the bus or keep it unmoved until such a person gets off the vehicle. However, such a person may not be refunded of any fare which he has paid and any person failing to comply may be removed by the conductor or the driver. They (driver or conductor) can also take the help of Police officer to handle the situation.




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