filmFAIR: This Fun Short Directed By Shuddhi Fame Adarsh Eshwarappa Is A Brilliant Take On Nepotism

Shuddhi and Bhinna fame Adarsh Eshwarappa has written, directed and edited a short film, which is now streaming on YouTube. The short film was made for acting students as a part of the ‘Diploma in Acting’ course in Tent Cinema (Nagathihalli School of Cinema) for the 2020 batch. While CS Shobha has produced the movie, Gokul Pillai has handled the camera, and Thithi fame Nithin Lukose has worked as the Sound Designer.

An absorbing rendition of riveting content

The movie starts off with a lot of characters, but within a few moments, you get drawn easily to the set of proceedings. There are plenty of things that seem to happen on the screen. While there is the obvious main event of an audition, there is also media and their interaction with participants and jury that take up the screen time.


What impresses us the most is that despite the several cliche traps that could appear in such a plot, the director deviates from all of it to absorb the audience with genuine entertainment and superb editing techniques. There are several moments in this short film where you go on with the flow, and the happenings, without giving much thought into the story.

A brilliant take on nepotism

Although the general tone is that of comedy, there are serious subtexts inserted in the plot. The main one involves a producer’s son and his audition attempt. He seems to be honest, but it is the behavior of the judges that will take you for a ride. Adarsh seems to have taken a subtle jibe at ‘favoritism’ with this sequence.

Finishing the short film is the titular ‘filmFAIR’ awards, where, against your expectations, it is the talented artist who picks up the honors. The ‘Fair’ in the name gets a justification here, and the final bit involving the convo between the producer and his son makes for a fitting climax.