10 Notorious Female Dons Of India Who Made The Policemen Cry

female dons of india

Whenever we hear about underworld we think it is only men who rule over it but the reality is there are few deadly women who not only ruled underworld, they stripped the law and order of country right and left. They were part of a blast, drug peddling, robberies, and murders, they frightened their fellow gangsters and policemen, and some of them never got caught as well. Who were these female dons of India from the underworld?

1. Santoben Sarmanbhai Jadeja

Also known as godmother had 14 murder cases against her and 500 CASES AGAINST HER gang members. She started this life after her husband was killed by a local goon in Porbandar area of Gujrat and she with her trusted me killed 14 people involved in the murder of her husband. She was a mafia queen of katiawad Shabana Azmi’s ‘godmother’ was based on her life and she also served as an MLA from 1990-1995.


female dons of india

2. Shashikala Ramesh

Shashikala was known as a baby and is one of the most prolific drug pedlars Mumbai has ever seen. She was a milk seller before she started drug peddling and it didn’t take her much time to become a notorious name in Mumbai. She was arrested in 2015 after making property worth 100 crores from drug dealings.

female dons of india

3. K.D Kempamma

Also known as cyanide killer, she is a serial killer from Bangalore. She used to convince her devotees to meet her at a secluded spot where she robbed and killed them. She was sentenced to death but later it was reduced to life imprisonment.

female dons of india

4. Bela Aunty

She is the most notorious name of the ’70s in Mumbai who sold liquor. She frightened powerful gangsters, officers, and politicians at that time. No one has had the power to stop her vehicle that was carrying booze. Quiet filmy, isn’t it?


5. Haseena Parkar

A film is already made by Bollywood on this deadly woman. Dawood’s sister, also known as ‘Godmother of Nagpada’ or ‘Appa’ means elder sister. She was said to have taken care of all the illegal business of Dawood in Mumbai after he fled. She passed away after a heart attack in 2014.

female dons of india

6. Anjali Makan

The greatest Queen of frauds is in the list of India’s most wanted criminals. She has robbed a bank of Rs 1.5 crores before she vanished.

7. Reshma Menon and Shabana Menon

Names of terror, Reshma Menon, the wife of Tiger Menon and Shabana Menon, the wife of Ayub Menon are said to be the women behind black Friday and a prime suspect of 1993 Mumbai blast. They were involved in the terror activities of their husbands. They are suspected to live in Karachi and are wanted criminals of India.


8. Samira Jumani

She is Abu Salem’s dreaded wife who was a part of many extortions, bomb blasts, and other frauds. It is said that she is absconding in the US and is in the list of most wanted criminals.

9. Shobhna Iyer

Also known as the mysterious gang queen, she is a notorious criminal who has evaded capture for years. It is said that there is hardly any information about her appearance which makes her super deadly.

10. Ashraf Khan aka Sapna Di

She became Sapna to revenge the death of her husband who was killed in a police encounter. Her life came crashing down when she got to know that he was working for Dawood. She later joined hands with ‘Hussain Ustara’ who was the hard-core enemy of Dawood. She also tried to kill Dawood but she was betrayed and was killed by Dawood’s men on his orders.


female dons of india

So, these are the Notorious Female Dons Of India and a few are in the hit list. (Cover Image Credits – Indian Express)

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