Fed Up With Potholes, Harlur Residents In Bengaluru Repair The Stretches By Themselves

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Despite making repeated complaints to the concerned authorities about the bad condition of roads when there was no action, the Harlur residents in Bengaluru decided to take things in their hand. They themselves decided to repair the damaged stretches.

Residents Of Harlur Frustrated With Authorities

According to the residents in Harlur, the roads have been in bad condition since more than a year after it was dug thrice for laying down telecom cables, Cauvery pipeline, and underground lines.  

The worst part is that every time the road was dug, it was left as it is after the work. The residents have alleged that the stretch of 2.5 km was excavated completely on one side. Also, the roads have many huge craters and small potholes.

Four months back when the residents did not receive an expected response from the authorities, they decided to fix it themselves. Initially, however, they faced a few setbacks.

According to a member of Harlur Champions, “We initially used jelly stones and covered the road with red mud so that the surface gets at least on the same level. Even though we knew it wouldn’t last long, we tried to do our bit. It used to keep getting dislodged, and we again had to go back and fix it. We tried it for four continuous months and then thought of getting some permanent solution.”

No Action Was Taken Despite Promise From Local Corporator

The local corporator visited the area three weeks ago and said that the road will be repaired. However, no action was taken. That is when the Harlur residents took up the challenge themselves, pooled money and bought 20 bags of cold asphalt. Each bag costs Rs.500. The people also got a roller from a construction site in the vicinity and leveled the asphalt with its help.   

The Harlur Champions resident says, “Now the monsoon is approaching, and the roads here are totally dug up, making it highly dangerous for commuters. Since one side of the road is totally dug up, commuters are left with only the other side to use, which also results in traffic jams.”

Another resident said driving a two-wheeler on this road is nothing short of a two-wheeler for the commuters. “The road is so bumpy and uneven that it leads to many accidents. People who have met with mishaps also decided to have the roads filled up,” he added.

The residents lamented the fact that despite coming under Bellandur which is one of the highest taxpaying areas, the Harlur road is still being neglected and the locals are left without access to good amenities.  




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