Farmer returns with 10 lakh Rs after being humiliated that he can’t afford an SUV

Such incidents rarely occur, but when they do, they are the talk of the town!

A farmer named KempeGowda and his group of friends in Tumkur, Karnataka went to a Mahindra Showroom to buy a pickup truck for himself. The officials in the showroom looked at their attire and appearance and made fun of them that they cannot afford the SUV that they were planning to buy.


Apparently, the salesman said, they will not even have Rs. 10, how will they afford an SUV of Rs. 10 Lakhs. Another salesman told them that if they could come up with the money in about 30 minutes, the vehicle would be personally delivered to them.

The farmer and his friends upon this humiliation and remarks said that they would return in 30 minutes with the money but the showroom needs to take their booking first. The salesmen noted down their booking, and according to the challenge and the promise, the farmer returned with Rs. 10 lakhs for the SUV.

Now they insisted that the salesman get their car delivered immediately but since the waitlist for the SUV was long he could not deliver on the promise. KempeGowda threatened to file a police complaint and take the matter to the media.
He said that if he was wrong, he is ready to apologize but the farmers should never be mocked.


The matter did go to the police station and the showroom officials have written an apology to the group. KempeGowda and his group went away without taking the SUV from this showroom.

A lesson learned is to never judge a book by its cover.