Fans Pour Love For Meghana Raj Who Was Inconsolable During Chiranjeevi Sarja’s Last Rites

Courtesy: India Times

On Sunday, the state of Karnataka was shocked by the news of young actor Chiranjeevi Sarja’s passing away. The 39-year-old actor succumbed to a massive heart attack on Sunday afternoon.

Fans left shocked by the news

Chiranjeevi Sarja was a popular actor in Sandalwood. His death was an unbelievable piece of news for his fans to digest. As per the report from the hospital, Chiru was brought in to the premises in an unresponsive state at around 2:30 pm on Sunday. Although the doctors tried to revive him in the emergency room, their efforts did not pay heed.


Chiru’s last rites conducted at his favorite farmhouse

Chiranjeevi Sarja’s last rites were conducted at his brother’s farmhouse in Kanakapura. The actor’s final journey was telecast live on TV.

According to pictures and videos that went viral, Sarja’s pregnant wife Meghana Raj broke down inconsolably. Hugging him for the last time, she couldn’t control her tears and sobbed. Fans were distraught to see this and showed their love to Meghana on Twitter.


Source: India Times