Fans Outrage After Ram Gopal Varma’s Inappropriate Dance Video With Inaya Sultana Goes Viral!

Ram Gopal Verma is one of those prominent figures who catch headlines over his controversial statements or inappropriate views on most things and he often gets trolled for his antics on social media platforms.This time RGV has again landed himself in a soup after a sensuous video of him dancing with Inaya Sultana on the song Rangeela went viral.

Inaya Sultana Birthday Party

 The occasion was specifically Sultan’s birthday and the video was shot which RGV later shared via his twitter handle.In the video, the director appears to be dancing with Inaya on her birthday to a Bollywood song. The duo is seen enjoying the performance to the fullest and was seen swaying to the song’s beats.


RGV in Inaya’s birthday party

While he shared the video;he wrote: “I once again want to clarify that the guy in this video is not me, and the girl in red is not Inaya Sultana, and I swear this on American President JOE BIDEN (sic).”

Fans Outraged At RGV’s Antics

As the video began to spread and the fans started to raise their voices against RGV’s behaviour,and people started lashing out with outrageous comments From #BoycottBollywood pointed out how women have to go through ‘these’ kinds of casting couch episodes to get a role, fans pointed out.



Sultana had taken to Twitter to share a picture with RGV and others from her birthday party.She captioned the picture as: “This is the best and most unbelievable moment of my life, love forever.”