Meet Rajanna, The Die-Hard Fan of Dr. Rajkumar Whose Fan Tales Are Just Incredible

raj kumar fan

‘Nata Sarvabhouma’ Dr Rajkumar to grow as the cultural power of Karnataka deep routes to the immense strength of his innumerable fans. ‘Abhimani Devarugalu’ (god) was the word Dr. Rajkumar used to address his fan following. We even to this day have some pure souls amidst us who literally breathe and live every moment with the extensive and indescribable passion they owe towards their ‘Annavru’, Rajkumar. 

Yes, Rajanna! – he is also named the same!

Rajanna resides here in Nandini Layout to whom Dr.Raj is Godfather. You will simply not believe the intensity of his love towards Rajkumar. The demise of Dr Raj was on 12 April 2006, Rajanna who shaved off his head that day has never again grown his hair till date. And with great conviction says that he will not henceforth until he lives.

He says that in case after he ages, he reaches a stage where he is not in a position to shave off his head. He is going to live like Rajkumar’s appearance in the movie ‘Jeevana Chaitra’ where he leaves free his hair and beard without cutting them ever.


Left Sweets for Raj!

During the funeral ceremony of Raj, Rajanna’s friend Yashwanth had been a victim to police golibar and because of that as well, you’ll not believe it, Rajanna has never eaten sweets in his life till date, since that day. Also since Rajkumar’s death, he has never watched any movies in his life so far. Rajanna on his shoulders, behind the ears, crown –  top of his head, has either Dr Raj Kumar’s face or his name tattooed.

raj kumar fan

Immersed in Raj’s memories!

On the occasion of Dr Rajs birthday, every year Rajanna wears a black pant and red jubba and gets it painted with white paint all the 208 cinemas of Dr. Rajkumar and rejoices. On the occasion of Raj’s death ceremony he every year without fail, before sunrise visits Rajkumar’s cemetery and offers meat ‘Tale mamsa’ (pork, most loved dish by Raj) bows down to him and returns back.

Not just a fan, a practical fan!

Following the footsteps and principles of Raj, Rajanna has already signed up for the ‘after death eyes donation at Narayana Nethralaya’. Also, he is in a constant effort to donate his body after death to the hospital in the name of Dr. Rajkumar. Rajanna has the special ability to recite Raj’s all 208 movies at once one after the other. Rajanna’s house walls, as well as his shop, is full of hundreds of pictures of Dr. Raj.

Raj – no less than God for Rajanna!

In his pooja room at home, Rajanna worships and performs pooja to all the gods including Dr Rajs photo and offers his pranams (namaskara) to all gods along with Raj. The front and back of his vehicle Hero Honda are full of Raj’s posters and the Handlebars hold the proudly flaunting high Karnataka Flags.

raj kumar fan

Wow! What an opportunity!

Being impressed with Rajanna’s extreme devotion towards Dr.Raj, one of the directors of sandalwood invited this crazy fan follower to act in one of his movies. The only immediate reply given by Rajanna was, ‘Given a chance, I would act with all happiness but I will not watch this movie. Because in case I do, the promises that I have made to Rajkumar, the oath that I have sworn in his name would hence be demoralized by me. I am not ready to be the corrupt oathbreaker in the holy land of Rajkumar’ was what he proudly spoke up. Wow!.

raj kumar fan

How it all started!

Rajanna basically comes hails from Holebellur village of Halur taluk in Hassan district. He says that during his childhood his family’s financial status was not very sound enough to actually go to a theatre or the then tent shows to watch movies, but by then the black and white TV’s had already entered every village though they did not have one.

raj kumar fan

Raj is ultimate for Rajanna!

During then the Bengaluru Doordarshan channel used to telecast Rajkumar cinemas every Sunday and among them again Raj’s movie had the utmost priority. Rajanna’s entire family used to travel to the one and a half km far ‘Banditimmanahalli’ every Sunday evening to watch the telecast movies of Raj and return back with extreme satisfaction and happiness of watching his movie.

Rajanna says that this was the way or his history by which he and his family grew to be such staunch followers and intense fans of Rajkumar. Rajanna who used to earlier work at Garments factory has now opened his stitching and alteration center and named it as ‘Dr. Raj A-Z Alteration’.

raj kumar fan

Honestly, we never knew or heard of such an immense fan of Dr Raj so far. Actually, he is beyond a fan who has dedicated his soul, mind, and body to Raj. We totally appreciate this and wish Rajanna all the best for all his endeavors in his life.



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