‘Facts Don’t Lie’, Rahul Gandhi Attacks PM Modi For Importing Chinese Goods For Make In India

In the midst of the Boycott China products post the military face-off between the two countries that resulted in casualties on both sides, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi attacked Narendra Modi for buying China products for Make In India program.

Attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP government, Rahul Gandhi sharply criticized in a tweet,


“Facts don’t lie. BJP says: Make In India. BJP does: Buy from China.”

Gandhi attacked the BJP of banning the Chinese products while it had imported various Chinese products for its program Make In India. As per the statistics, during the period between 2008 to 2014, the imports from the country of China were below 14 percent while the imports increased to 18 percent in the BJP-NDA rule.

Rahul Gandhi (1)
Courtesy: Wall Street Journal

During the regime of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the Chinese imports were at 12 percent in 2008, it rose to 14 percent in 2012 but reduced to 13 percent in 2014. Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the imports increased to 14 percent in 2015, 16 percent in 2016, and to 18 percent in 2018. These statistics were attached to the tweet by Rahul Gandhi.

Government Bans 59 Apps

On Monday, the Indian government banned 59 mobile applications that have its origin in China citing the reason for protecting the data and privacy of the people of India. This comes in the wake of the military face-off between India and China along the eastern Ladakh region.


For safety, security, defense, sovereignty and integrity of India and in order to protect the data of the people of India, the Government of India banned these applications. This has been long requested by the social media users after the Chinese military had a face-off with the Indian military killing 20 Indian soldiers.

The 59 Chinese applications include the hugely popular content creating app Tik Tok, UC browser, Helo, Likee, CamScanner, Vivo Video, Mi Video Call, Clash of Kings along with the e-commerce platforms like Club Factory and Shein. The Information Technology Ministry said that it had received many complaints from various sources and also had received reports of the misuse of some of the applications that would stealing and surreptitiously transmitting users data in an unauthorized manner to servers that have locations outside India.


Source: Times of India