10 Quick Facts about Veerendra Heggade, The Dharmadhikari of Dharmasthala Temple

veerendra heggade

D. Veerendra Heggade, one name that is counted among the most influential philanthropists of Karnataka is the current Dharmadhikari of the Dharmasthala temple. If you go to Dakshina Kannada or places in and near Dharmasthala, you find no homes without a photograph of this person. Veerendra Hegde is known and acknowledged for his impeccable works in the field of administration, culture, education, and philanthropy. Here we are with a detailed profile and a few facts about Veerendra Heggade on today’s read.

veerendra heggade

1. Heggade profile on his personal website defines him as a Dharmadhikari, reformer, educationist, philosopher, and philanthropist. Mr.Heggade was born as the eldest son to Dharmadhikari Ratnavarma Heggade and Ratnamma Heggade. He belongs to Pergade dynasty of Tulu lineage, the hereditary trustees of the famous Sri Manjunatha Temple in Dharmasthala.

2. Mr.Heggade succeeded his father to the post of Dharmadhikari at the age of 20. He is the 21st in his line to hold the position of Dharmadhikari of the Dharmasthala temple.

3. From the time of his succession to till date, Veerendra Hegde has been contributing to the traditions of the culture over there. The recently held, the 85th session of ‘Sarva Dharma and Saahitya Sammelana’ at Dharmasthala is a testament to his prowess and commitment.

veerendra heggade

4. Mr. Heggade is known as a patron of Art and Literature. He publishes a monthly journal named Manjuvani which speaks about various aspects of life.

5. He is known and appreciated for his contribution towards the revival of Yakshagana maintaining the sanctity of its pure traditional approach.

6. Since 1972, every year, he is offering a Free Mass Marriage at Dharmasthala. Nearly 10,000 couples had been wedded under this programme by April 2004.

works of veerendra heggade

7. Mr. Heggade is credited for introducing a rural development project in the coastal district of Karnataka (600 villages and 6 urban towns). The project is helping 1,30,000 families in agriculture, housing, women empowerment, microfinance, education, and health.

8. Veerendra Heggade’s contribution in the field of education is immense. He started SDMIMD college in Mysuru. Sri Siddavana Gurukula in Ujjire to offer education in agriculture, moral education, and other leadership programmes. He is also the president of SDM Education society which is doing a wonderful work in the fields of primary engineering, medical science, and management studies.

contributions of veerendra heggade

9. If Tuluva culture is alive today in the world then the credit should definitely go to Veerendra Heggade. He is one of the pioneering persons to support and preserve Tuluva culture and heritage.

10. As an acknowledgment of his contributions towards human well-being, Mr. Heggade is honored with several awards.
– Padma Bhushan Award (2000) for social work and communal harmony.
– Padma Vibhushan Award (2000).
– Karnataka Ratna (2009) – The Highest Civilian Award in Karnataka.
– Rajarshi Title in 1993 from President of India, Dr. Shankar Dayal.

veerendra heggade

These were a few noted facts about Veerendra Hegde. This was a little effort from us to introduce the works of Dr.Veerendra Hegde to you. We hope you found this post interesting and informative.

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