10 Things You Should Know About Thatt Anta Heli Fame Dr. Narappa Someshwara

thatt anta heli

Thatt Anta Heli is a popular Quiz show which has a great number of followers in Karnataka. If I am not exaggerating then there is no home who speaks Kannada have not watched this thoughtful yet popular Quiz show. It was first shot in and telecasted from the Doordarshan station in Bangalore; aired on 4 January 2002. You may feel proud to know that this Game show entered the Limca Book of Records in 2012 signing up a record for the longest-running television Quiz show in India (1,756 episodes and counting). Another interesting fact about this Show is that it has completed over 3,000 episodes without any sponsorship. Great, isn’t it?

When we say Thatt Anta Heli, one name that comes to our mind is its host, Dr. Narappa Someshwara. Come let us know about the journey of Dr. Someshwara on today’s post.

thatt anta heli

Things to Know About Dr. N Someshwara

1. Narappa Someshwara whom we know through Thatt Anta Heli show is an Indian television presenter and an accomplished writer. He is known and respected for popularising science and medicine in the print and electronic media in the Kannada language.

2. He worked as the Editor of a monthly medical magazine named ‘Jeevanadi’. Also, he has published 41 books on Medicine and multiple articles on health and medicine in various Journals.

3. Dr. Someshwara was born in Malleshwara (Bengaluru) to Narappa and Anjana on 14 May 1955. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Medicine from Bangalore Medical College (1986).

4. As a writer, Mr. Someshwara has worked on popularising science and medicine among the laymen. He has also conducted 1,200+ programmes on Doordarshan on science and health awareness coupled with 75 programmes on All India Radio.

thatt anta heli

5. As we know, Dr. Someshwara hosts a popular Television Quiz show named Thatt Anta Heli. Being a Quizmaster and host himself, Mr. Someshwara was successful to run the show for a record 3150 episodes without any sponsorship.

Awards and Recognition

6. In 2014, Someshwara was awarded the Dr. P.S Shankar Shrestha Vaidya Sahithya Prasasthi award (2003) for his commendable Ellu Suttina Koteyalli Entu Koti Bhantaru (Eight Crore Warriors in a seven-layered fort). This dealt with diseases caused by immunodeficiencies such as AIDS and other autoimmune disorders.

7. Someshwara is a two-time winner of the Karnataka Sahithya Academy Award in the category of Scientific literature. It was for his book Baduka Needuva Badali Jodane (2001) and second in 2015.

8. In 2013, he was endowed with the Best Science Writer Kannada for 2012-13 by the Karnataka Science and Technology Academy. It was for his work Gnanendriyagalu Matthu Namma Odala Visarjanagagalu.

thatt anta heli

Limca Book Record

9. Limca Book Record for being a Quiz Master for most Quiz shows. The show aired without a break since Jan 4, 2002, on DD Chandana and completed 2,757 episodes as of June 30, 2015.

10. It is quite interesting to know that the show has had 8127 participants attempting to answer 37,084 Questions posed put by Dr. N Someshwara. One unique thing about this show is that each right answer earns the contestant a new book. So far, the number of books distributed is 49,000.

So, this was a quick look at the Journey of Dr. N Someshwara. If you have anything to share about thatt anta heli show then let us know in the comments below.

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