12 Mind Blowing Facts About The Great Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) You Have No Idea About

kolar gold fields

Kolar Gold Fields was once the largest gold producing mines in Asia. The mines were, however, shut down in 2001 for a decrease in gold production, along with increasing production costs. Despite this, a visit to this land which once produced gold is totally worth it! Today, we bring to you the 12 Unknown facts about the Kolar Gold Fields which will blow your mind.

One of the deepest mines on Earth

At a depth of 3000 meters deep, KGF is one of the deepest mines on Earth.

Mini England

Due to the pleasant weather and the terrain, KGF was dubbed “Mini England”.

Second Asian Town to get electricity

Yes! Kolar was the second town in Asia to be provided with electricity, after Tokyo in Japan.

Kolar Gold Fields

Longest Passenger Train

The longest passenger train in the world, the Swarna Express, goes from KGF to Bengaluru.

Hills formed from mining remains

The goldfields have left behind debris which eventually solidified to form a large hill,30 meters high. Due to the nature of its formation, there are no plants growing on it. This hill provides a breathtaking view of the town and the mines.

Kolar Gold Fields

From one throne to another

The Kolar Gold Fields saw a lot of rulers, from the Gangas, the Cholas, the Hoysalas, the Nizam of Hyderabad and finally Hyder Ali. KGF was then taken over by the British, and eventually the state of Mysore. The gold mines were then pledged to the World Bank as security for a loan taken by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.


Silicosis, a lung disease caused due to inhalation of the particulate matter created due to mining, was first identified in KGF.

Heritage from the past

The bungalows built for the British can still be found today, and that too in a really good condition.

Used for Scientific Research

The world’s first cosmic ray neutrino interaction took place in KGF in 1965. It was a joint effort of TIFR (Mumbai), Osaka City University (Japan) and Durham University (UK).

It’s Very Own Golf Course

KGF has it’s very own golf course which was built in 1885. It is registered under the Indian Golf Union.

Kolar Gold Fields

A massive Shiva Temple nearby

Kotilingeshwara, which is 5km away from KGF, has around 86 lakh Shiva Lingas.

First ever Hydroelectric Plant

The first ever hydroelectric plant in India was built at Shivanasamudra, to provide electricity to the gold fields.

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