9 Interesting and Lesser-Known Facts about Kiccha Sudeep, Sandalwood’s Ranna

Facts about Kiccha Sudeep

Kiccha Sudeep, a name that enthralls the audience with the very presence. The aura of this multilingual actor is so motivating that everyone who passes through gets magnetized by it. Sudeep is a perfect synonym for positivity and we can’t agree more on it. The way he handles the situations and reacts to the allegations made against is a lesson for many.

Sudeep is known for his simplicity and in his every move, he has proved that he is a true gentleman of the Kannada Film Industry. This nature of him is also reflected in Big Boss and today it is hard to imagine this reality show without Sudeep being a part of it. Of late, the actor has completed his glorious 22 years in the movie land and in this context, we are here with a few interesting facts about Kiccha Sudeep in today’s read.


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Film Journey

Sudeep lived on Rs.500 per month in his early days

While talking to News18, Sudeep told that he lived on Rs.500 per month during his struggling days. Being a son of Hotelier, Sudeep had no cinema background and his interests towards singing and music drew him to the movies. He started his career with a movie called ‘Sparsha’ under the direction of Sunil Kumar Desai, however, his first breakthrough was ‘Huccha’ which went on to become ‘Tere Naam’ in Hindi with Salman Khan in a lead role.

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facts about kiccha sudeep


He never took Money from the Family

Though Sudeep’s father was a well-settled Hotelier, the actor never took money from the family. He worked in a clothes store, did photo shoots, played cricket for money to earn his daily bread. He says, “It was the period of struggle which gave me the experience to be an actor. The emotions have to come from the raw material of the life. “

sudeep kananda

It was a Six year Hard Struggle in Kannada Film Industry

Today we know Sudeep as ‘Kiccha Sudeep’ and ‘Abhinaya Chakravarthy’ but the journey to achieve this feat was not an easy walk. After ‘Huccha’, the actor had to struggle to give hits and that was a boiling period for him as the urge to build his identity was in a hollow space. Years later, his movie ‘Kiccha’, ‘Swathi Mutthu’, ‘Hubballi’, and ‘Nalla’ went on to become a super-hit followed by back-to-back hits which helped him to identify among the star actors of the industry.

facts about kiccha sudeep

Sudeep’s Journey in Bollywood and Tollywood

So far, Sudeep is the only Kannada actor who has received accolades from other film industries. He made his Debut with Phoonk (Hindi) under the direction of Ram Gopal Verma. The actor continued to appear in Phoonk 2 and Raktha Charitra 2 which got him a huge fan base in Bollywood as well.

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Who can forget his impeccable acting in ‘Run’ along with Amitabh Bachchan and other legendary actors in the lead? It was so mesmerizing that it caught the attention of Rajamouli and this where the ‘Eega’ story begins. Sudeep literally owned the movie with his off-beat performance and the very day, he became a star.

Back-to-Back Mega Hits in Sandalwood

Movies like Autograph, Madakari, Kempe Gowda, Vishnuvardhana, Koti Gobba 2, and Hebbuli went on become humungous hits making Sudeep, the darling of Kannada film industry. The actor has also shown his versatility in Singing, Direction, Anchoring (Big Boss), Cricket (CCL) and no doubt, he is the man of both Class and Mass.

facts about kiccha sudeep

Personal Interests

Sudeep Loves Veg-Biriyani, Ragi Mudde, and Roti

With Big-Boss and the associated cookery show, we have seen Sudeep’s versatility in cooking. The actor has his own kitchen in the house and he loves to cook for his friends. Be it a party, family get-together or any moment of celebration, Sudeep and cooking make a great pair.

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Sudeep’s Favourite Car

It is Mercedes Benz. The actor may have a lot of cars of different brands but his all-time favorite is said to be Benz.

sudeep kananda

Sudeep’s Favourite Actors

No doubt, Sudeep is everyone’s favorite in the Industry but Sudeep’s favorites are Vishnuvardhan, Upendra, Rajnikanth and Brad Pitt. When it comes to favorite heroines, it is Bharathi Vishnuvardhan and Aishwarya Rai.

Dr.Rajkumar’s Aaksmika is one of Sudeep’s favorite movies

It is interesting to know that Aakasmika, Avatar and his own Eega are Sudeep’s few of the favorite movies. Sudeep is a great fan of Yograj Bhatt and Ram Gopal Verma and he is looking forward to work with them again in the coming days.

facts about kiccha sudeep

So, this was a few facts about Kiccha Sudeep. Hope you found them interesting. Tell us your favourite movie of Sudeep in the comments below.

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