7 Interesting facts about Chikmagalur Coffee You Should Know

facts about chikmagalur coffee

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons – TS Eliot

Are you among the millions of Mother Earth’s creation who rises every morning to have a cup of strong coffee? Or are you a business executive who skips lunch? But never missed gulping unlimited coffee cups in the meeting? Then this article of 7 interesting facts about Chikamagalur coffee is for you. Only YOU.


The birthplace of Indian Coffee is Chikmagalur. In other words, it is the “Coffee Land of Karnataka.” The district, no doubt, has got the same name from its town known as Chikkamagalur or Chikmagalur. When you translate the name in Kannada, you get the meaning as “the town of the younger daughter.” Interested? Now let us go to the pages of history. The legend states that the town is a gift to the husband of the younger daughter of a chieftain. His name is Rukmangada, the chief of Sakkarepatna. Are you harboring doubts? Then, five kilometers from Chikamagalur, you find the Hiremagaluru. In this article, we are going to give you facts about Chikmagalur Coffee.

facts about chikmagalur coffee
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There are business deals completed with a drink. But with coffee, everybody will have a story to share. Ask a coffee lover to describe the drink and they may be a scientist at NASA, but cannot describe the drink. As per their words, it is a feeling that you have to experience yourself. Many of them agree that it should be hot, creamy and have a rugged taste.

Interesting Facts about Chikmagalur Coffee

How Coffee Came to India

The history of Chikmagalur coffee is as follows. The “land of coffee” is famous as one of the best beautiful hill stations in Karnataka State. The credit for the growth of coffee plantations goes to the Sufi saint, Baba Budan. Another name – Hazarat Shah Janab Allah Magatabi. He brought the seeds from Arabia and planted them in his garden. His shrine, even today stands atop the hills and the hills get the name from him – Baba Budan Giri. In ancient India, Chandra Drona was the old name of Baba Budan Hills.


chikmagalur coffee

Coffee Plantation

It is a fact, that if you are a coffee lover, you cannot resist the temptation to go to Chikmagalur. You find many of the resorts in Chikmagalur among coffee plantations. There is no need for you to go for miles to seek or smell fresh coffee beans.

International Attention

The coffee town received the first international attention in 1978. The Iron Lady of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi got elected to the Lok Sabha. She suffered defeat from Rae Bareilly, her stronghold in 1977.

facts about chikmagalur coffee

Coffee Museum

Do you want to know how the coffee beans travel from being a seed or fruit to become a favored brew all over the world? If you have gone to Chikamagaluru, then do not miss the Coffee Yatra. This coffee museum and training center comes from the parent body, Coffee Board of India. Do you want to enrich your knowledge of Indian coffee, cultural practices, technology, R & D? Then coffee museum is the place to pay a visit. Of course, you get valuable information on coffee seeds grown in Chikamagaluru. But the Museum locks its doors on the weekends, so plan the visit. (Source)


Arabica and Robusta

The coffee grown in Chikamagalur is of two types – Arabica and Robusta. In the year 2017 to 2018, the place products 35, 900 metric tonnes of Arabica and 48, 110 tonnes of Robusta. The State produced 75,300 MT of Arabica and 176,460 MT of Robusta. The Indian contribution to the entire globe stands at 103,100 MT of Arabica and 247,300 MT of Robusta.

facts about chikmagalur coffee

Flavorsome Chikmagalur Coffee

It is a wonder that Chikamagalur produces both Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties. The Arabica coffee is famous for their delicate flavor. And combined with a sharp sweet taste, they are more preferred on the international scene. They grow at high altitudes. The Robusta coffee, the other type, have a strong taste. In fact, you feel the taste of peanuts after sipping the coffee. This variety, you can grow at low heights.

Note: On January 1 of this year, the Coffee Board of Karnataka has sought the Geographical Indication tagging of the Baba Budan Giri Arabica coffee.


This article is Contributed by Satyanarayana, Bengaluru.

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