12 Interesting Facts About Ajit Doval – The Brain Behind Recent Surgical Attacks On Pakistan

ajit doval

India has been fighting terrorists, naxalists, and militants across the country since the day it got freedom. There have been many soldiers, police officers, and intelligence executives who have ensured that India stands as a solid nation and the separatists get their befitting reply.

The one name that has been making the headlines ever since the Modi government came into power is that of Ajit Doval who is the fifth and the current National Security Adviser (NSA) to the Prime Minister of India. Also nick-named as the “Indian James Bond,” Doval is a former Indian Intelligence and law enforcement officer and a retired IPS Officer. Here are the 12 most interesting facts of his illustrious career that really make him stand out from the rest in his field.


Active Participation In Mizoram’s Anti-Insurgency Operations

During the insurgency of Mizo National Front (MNF), Doval managed to win more than 6 of the 7 commanders of Laldenga. Almost all the time during this period, he worked under disguise with the Mizo National Army placed in Burma’s Arakan and within the territory of China. As a part of his duty, he, later on, went to Sikkim and played a major role in the merger of Mizoram as an Indian State.

2. Played Key Role In Operation Black Thunder

Ajit Doval assisted in the rescue operation conducted for Liviu Radu, a Romanian diplomat. Doval also went inside Amritsar’s Golden Temple in 1988 for collecting critical information prior to the launch of Operation Black Thunder. Doval made entry inside the temple posing as a Pakistani agent in front of the Khalistani militants who were inside the temple. The former Indian Intelligence Officer passed this vital information which proved extremely helpful during the Black Thunder Operation.

The overall process was similar to a suspense movie as Doval in the disguise of a rickshaw puller made the militants surrender.


3. Part Of Team That Negotiated Release Of Passengers In Kandahar

He was a part of the three-member team of negotiators who made possible the release of IC-814 passengers. These passengers were kept as hostages during Kandahar’s infamous hijack incident.

ajit doval

4. Terminator Of Hijacking Incidences

Ajit Doval with his careful planning, persuasive negotiation skills, and wisdom successfully ensured termination of Indian Airlines aircraft recurrent hijackings. During the period between 1971 and `1999, Doval terminated 15 attempts of hijacking.

5. Worked As Secret Operative In Lahore For 7 Years

Doval spent seven years of his life as an undercover agent in the city of Lahore in Pakistan. During his stay, he lived disguised as a Pakistani Muslim in Lahore.


6. Served In Indian High Commission In Islamabad

After his stint as an undercover agent in Pakistan, Doval served in Indian High Commission in Islamabad.

ajit doval

7. Played Vital Role In Surrender Of Kuka Parray And Troops

In 1990, Ajit Doval went to Kashmir and managed to persuade infamous militant Kuka Parray and his troops for becoming counter-insurgents. This new development was instrumental in clearing the way for Jammu and Kashmir elections in 1996.

8. Founder Director Of Vivekananda International Foundation

Doval was appointed the founder Director of the Vivekananda International Foundation in 2009 which is a think tank and a spiritually oriented organization set up by Vivekananda Kendra.


9. Renowned Speaker On Security Issues

Doval is famous as a speaker on security issues and over the years has contributed many editorial pieces to leading journals and newspapers. He has delivered lectures on the security challenges faced by India at several non-governmental and governmental institutions as well as think-tank setups in India and foreign countries.

Well known for his exceptional oratory skills, Doval has also been called as a guest lecturer to provide insight on various strategic issues at Australia-India Institute, IISS, Washington DC, Capitol Hill, National Defence College in New Delhi, and the University of Melbourne in London.

ajit doval

10. Youngest Officer To Receive Police Medal

Usually, the Police Medal is presented to a police officer after completing service of 17 years. But Doval received it only after six years of service and became the youngest to get the award ever. He is also the recipient of President’s Police Medal.

11. First Police Officer To Receive Military Honor

Ajit Doval became the first police officer to receive the highest gallantry award, Kirti Chakra in 1988. It is a military honor which previously was given only to those served in the Defense. So, Doval sort of created history by receiving this honor.


ajit doval

12. Led Release Of 46 Indian Nurses

Doval also played a key role in the release of 46 Indian nurses who were trapped in Tikrit hospital, Iraq. On June 25, Doval flew to Iraq as a part of a top-secret mission, made contacts with high-level people and bureaucrats in the Iraqi government and convinced the ISIS militants to handover the nurses safely to the authorities at Erbil City.

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