Fact Check: Priyanka Gandhi Posts Old Images To Express Grief Over Assam, Bihar And UP Floods

The General Secretary of All India Congress Committee Priyanka Gandhi had posted two images on her social media account about the flood situation in the states of Bihar, Assam and Uttar Pradesh.

Attaching the image, Gandhi wrote,


“Floods in many parts of Assam, Bihar, and UP have disrupted life. Millions of people are in crisis. We look forward to helping the people affected by the floods. I appeal to congress workers and leaders to do everything possible to help the affected people.”

However, the Times of India has debunked the claim of Gandhi. The pictures attached to the tweet show people and their houses submerged in the water. It turns out that both the pictures are old. The fact-check showed that it had nothing to do with the current floods of Bihar, Assam, and UP.

Images Date Back To Old Reports

Priyanka (1)

In an old report of One India dated July 2nd, 2019 which titled Bihar-Assam flood: Death toll mounts to 174, the same images were included. The credit of the images has been given to the news agency PTI and the image carried a caption ‘a view of a submerged village, in flood-affected morgan district in Assam.’

Another image was included in a news report dated August 31st, 2017 on the Hindustan Times. The report was titled Google announces $1 million for flood relief in India, Nepal, Bangladesh. Even this image is credited to PTI and the image has been captioned as ‘A villager carries his belongings on a makeshift raft from a flooded village in Araria district of Bihar.’


The General Secretary of All India Congress Priyanka Gandhi has passed off old images as the images of the current floods.

Source: The Times of India